Eddie Kingston celebrated his birthday in the main event of the latest edition of Uncharted Territory….

Eddie Kingston is HOT to start us off, as he’s hijacked a commentary headset. He’s joining Paul Crockett on the call for the opening match.

Tony Deppen vs. Carlos Romo
Eddie’s happy to see Carlos – there’s the UK connection. I’m happy too, I’ve heard good things about this match after what we could say was a sleepless night…

Romo starts off working over Deppen’s arm, taking him to the mat ahead of a bow-and-arrow hold attempt that was quickly flipped out of. Carlos is right back with a crucifix roll-up as he looked to have unsettled Deppen in the early exchanges, following in with a La Magistral cradle then a springboard armdrag and a leg lariat as Carlos was slowly getting himself in with the Worcester crowd.

A dropkick through the ropes met Deppen outside, before a tope was cut-off. Back inside, Romo avoids a double stomp but charged into the corner as Deppen began to hit back with a springboard lungblower for a near-fall. Chops follow as the sound of skin-on-skin rang around the White Eagle, especially when Romo began to fight back, adding forearms and windmilling shots to the mix.

Romo’s bicycle knee took Deppen outside, faking out a dive before landing his tope. Another knee back inside gets a near-fall, but Deppen is right back with a massive running uppercut into the corner, then some forearms as a running knee was sidestepped. Carlos couldn’t avoid a headbutt, but he avoids a stomp and returned with a Shining Wizard as a springboard moonsault almost got the upset. Cutter Without the E gets something akin to patronisation on commentary as Deppen shoved Romo away, before crashing into the Spaniard with a tope con giro… a double stomp follows, but it’s not enough for the win as Carlos tried to roll him up again, only to get met with a superkick, then return with a cutter.

Romo heads up top and hits a Spiral Tap for a near-fall, before another Cutter Without the E was countered into a German suplex off the ropes, as a knee trembler got Deppen the win. Absolutely fantastic stuff this, with Romo really endearing himself with the Worcester crowd to the point where he got “please come back” chants. You love to see it. ***¾

Romo’s interrupted on his way to the back by Chris Dickinson… so he backpedals to avoid the returning Dirty Daddy. Pinkie Sanchez is out with him to throw a bunch of F-bombs as they buried Chuck O’Neil and Larry Legend. He calls them out for a fight… and they come out as my feed skips all over the place. Chuck doesn’t want to face Team Pazuzu again, because he’s already beaten them, so he’s got some friends to join “Legit Legends”… Violence is Forever.

Just my two cents, either Leyla Hirsch is legit or these guys are. Someone needs a new tag line…

Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson & Pinkie Sanchez) vs. Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku)
Ku and Dickinson start us off, scrambling on the mat on the way to a rope break, before the pay just began to throw bombs. A knee from Ku led to a flurry of kicks out of Dickinson, then some chops as Dickinson had a good few weeks worth of anger to exert.

Sanchez is in next, helping with a double-team suplex before Ku tagged out to Garrini, who was instantly caught with an enziguiri and a suplex from Sanchez. A spinning heel kick follows, before Garrini looked for a sunset flip and found himself stomped to death. Ku comes back to help as Sanchez got double-teamed, leading to a curb stomp from Ku for a near-fall, as Sanchez was quickly finding himself isolated.

Ku uses a chokehold to keep Sanchez down, but Pinkie uses a small package for a near-fall before he ran into a chop. Some double-teaming holds Sanchez for a flying stomp for another near-fall, before Sanchez went up top and hit a backflip DDT on Ku, giving him enough time to tag in a pissed off Dickinson, who cleared house. A snap powerbomb from Dickinson left Garrini down, but Lary Legend sprays something in Sanchez’s face, distracting everyone as Chuck O’Neil came in to knee Dickinson, as a Total Elimination got the win. SHENANIGANS! If this means Ku and Garrini are going to be regulars in Beyond, then I am all for this – as Chris Dickinson’s run of bad form continues. ***¼

Pride Of New England Tournament For Tomorrow First Round: DL Hurst vs. Richard Holliday
After some unfamiliar names started the tournament last week, we’ve got some more established faces here as DL Hurst got another crack on Beyond.

Holliday’s still part of Club Cam, as that clings to life… while Sidney Bakabella makes me spit my coffee poking fun at Richard’s Wish airpods. Hurst starts with a headlock takedown to Holliday, but Holliday fought back, landing a right hand and a butterfly backbreaker, following up with a Double A spinebuster for a near-fall. Holliday stays on Hurst with a grounded sleeper, but DL’s back with a release Northern Lights suplex, then a cannonball before rolling suplexes ended in a Fisherman suplex for a near-fall. A spear’s next for a two-count, before Zagami slid in the fake Airpod case. It distracts everyone, allowing Holliday to hit a chop block and a gutwrench powerbomb for the win. A fun match, but why’s everyone getting distracted by an Airpod case?! Poor officiating… ***

They replay Jay Freddie’s spill from last week, clipping in a promo from a heartless Brandon Thurston, who reckons he’ll hang around to be the new indie star…

Legit Yoots (Leyla Hirsch & Wheeler YUTA) vs. AC Mack & Fred Yehi
Welcome back Fred Yehi, a guy whose career has stalled a little after leaving EVOLVE. Paul Crockett snubs Sidney’s Reddit recommendations before the bell, as we start with Yuta rolling Mack to the mat, before he caught him out with some British-style trickery.

Fred Yehi comes in to attack Yuta from behind, but Leyla Hirsch lays into him, before Yehi pulled Mack to safety on the floor. And by safety, of course I mean “into the path of a tope from Yuta”. Hirsch has to steady herself ahead of a step-up senton to the floor, before a double-team back suplex dropped Mack back inside.

Yehi tags in, and instantly goozles Hirsch, who then ducks a chop as Leyla ended up getting ragdolled and spun in a rear naked choke. Hirsch gets dragged around the ring, before she got fish hooked and isolated some more. Another chop decks Hirsch, who’s right back with a cross armbar that forces Mack in to break up the hold. Mack’s pushed away by Hirsch, who tagged in Yuta to land a springboard missile dropkick for a near-fall. Yehi’s back to double-leg Yuta as he’s held for some stomps, which drew Hirsch in to try and break it up as the good guys eventually hit stereo German suplexes. Yuta propels Hirsch into a Shibata-ish dropkick in the corner on Mack, whole Yehi’s taken up top for a doomsday superplex. That left Mack alone as he took a knee strike and a Blue Thunder bomb, before Hirsch’s moonsault was broken up when Yehi shoved her off the top.

A Destroyer from Yehi gets a near-fall as this remained more like a tornado match, but Hirsch is able to contain him in the ropes as Mack got caught in a Yutagatame for the submission. Fun stuff here, but that spell towards the end felt too loose for it’s own good. Tags, my man! ***

Post-match, Yehi goozles Yuta as they set up for a match on New Year’s Eve…

Deana Rae interviews Anthony Bowens, who tells us he’s got no game plan for his Discovery Gauntlet match… apart from proving “them” wrong.

Discovery Gauntlet: Aaron Rourke vs. Anthony Bowens
Rourke’s looking to make it 3-0 and piss off more of the Worcester crowd to boot. Bowens got in Rourke’s face on his way to the ring, but that aggression held off until after the bell rang.

Bowens started by taking Rourke into the corner, but Rourke didn’t break cleanly… he’s taken down with a wristlock, before Bowens landed a neat dropkick. Chops follow, but Rourke ends up blocking one as Bowens kept throwing, following up with some kicks and a Famouser for a near-fall.

Rourke slips out of an Alphamare Waterslide and hit back with a running Blockbuster for a near-fall, before a standing moonsault kept the pressure up. Bowens fought out of a chinlock to take Rourke back into the corner, but Rourke’s right in with a uranage backbreaker and a Ligerbomb for a near-fall. After getting frustrated, Rourke found himself on the defensive, taking a superkick from Bowens before a Fisherman buster nearly put the “Dimepiece” away. A head kick from the apron lands for Rourke, who springs back with a Meteora for a near-fall, and another tantrum…

Bowens gets caught on the apron with a handspring kick, knocking him to the floor for a tope, only for Bowens to electric chair drop him to the apron, with punts to the back and front landing for another two-count. The pair trade blows from their knees, before they windmilled… but a pair of headbutts have them loopy… Bowens goes for the waterslide again, but ends up getting dropkicked into the ring post, before a spiking DDT got Rourke the decisive win. This one took the crowd a while to get into, but Rourke makes it 3-0 and is almost nailed on to end the series with the gauntlet. ***

We cut to pre-taped comments from Anthony Greene, talking about him turning on Josh Briggs… calling it “the only option” he had. He’s annoyed that he messed up and got eliminated… so he decided Briggs couldn’t make it to the finals either. Greene challenges Briggs for Heavy Lies The Crown on New Year’s Eve, as Greene wants to be called the King of New England.

Voros Twins (Chris Voros & Patrick Voros) vs. Riegel Twins (Logan Riegel & Sterling Riegel)
Holy bonus match everybody! A pair of twin teams here means this is going to be a pain to call, as the Jedward-inspired Voros Twins make their Beyond debut. They certainly put themselves around, and they get a very German “who are you?” chant. At least they tell us… unfortunately, unlike the Hunter Brothers, they look exactly alike.

Meanwhile, the Riegel Twins are straight out of the American arm of New Japan, but the Voros Twins jump start the match, only for the Riegels to hit sunset flips as Sidney was losing his mind on commentary. The Riegels repeatedly leap to avoid leg sweeps, before they met the Voros twins outside with stereo dives.

Back inside, A Voros was met with a slingshot senton and a splash from the two Riegels. B Riegel hits a low dropkick before A Riegel tagged in to get powerbombed onto A Voros… who then took a pop-up stomp and a standing moonsault for a near-fall. B Riegel hits a double sledge to A Voros, who had his arm worked over… a poke to the eye (apparently from Patrick) led to some double-teaming as commentary suddenly figured out who was who.

Patrick snapmares and kicks on B Riegel, before they choked him in the ropes. There’s more cheating behind the ref’s back as Chris tagged in, leading to more double-teams as a back senton led to a near-fall for Chris. B Riegel fires back, hitting a lungblower to Patrick, but Chris knocked A Riegel off the apron as the Voros twins pushed on with a wacky back senton.

Finally B Riegel leapt over the Voros twins as A Riegel tagged in and went wild with clotheslines. A rolling neckbreaker drops Patrick, while Chris booted A Riegel on the apron. Patrick’s back with an enziguiri, but he misses a cannonball in the corner before the Riegels hit an assisted DDT for a near-fall.

Knee strikes from the Voros twins almost kill the Riegels, as the Voroses followed up with duelling frog splashes for a two-count. They argue with the ref as the Riegels pull a switcharoo, allowing them to focus on Chris with a Doomsday Blockbuster, and that’s enough for the win! This was an entertaining novelty, but this showed why you shouldn’t have the same gimmick twice on a card. Bring them both back, but not on the same show! **¾

They announce Yuta vs. Yehi for Heavy Lies The Crown here…

Pride Of New England Tournament For Tomorrow First Round: Christian Casanova vs. Kenn Doane
This was meant to be Robo the Punjabi Lion against Christian Casanova, but Kenn Doane attacked him before the introductions. Security subdued Doane, as Cam Zagami applauded. Doane’s mad he’s not in the tournament, and he ends up going up against Christian Casanova… who’s still part of Club Cam?

Zagami’s shaking his head at Casanova, which may tip you off…

Doane’s frustrated early on by Casanova, but Kenn keeps him on the mat as Sidney Bakabella marvelled over Kenn’s win over Mason Ryan way back when. Isn’t he going in the Hall of Fame? Some body scissors on the mat sees Doane trap Casanova, but Christian’s back with armdrags and armbars.

Heading onto the apron, Casanova kicks Doane to the floor, but he gets pulled off and crotched in the ring apron as Doane fought back. Doane torques the ropes wildly as he choked on Casanova, before the pair struggled over a suplex, which led to Doane getting kicked on the apron. A slingshot senton gets Casanova back in, as does a leaping legdrop, before some punches were cut-off with a simple bodyslam.

Those punches had left Doane with a bloody mouth, and it doesn’t get better when he’s pulled into the ropes for a springboard legdrop, as boots and kicks had Casanova pushing ahead. Doane counters a springboard clothesline into a spinebuster for a near-fall, but Casanova responds with another knee strike before Cam Zagami got on the apron to distract.

Casanova fell for it and got punched out by Doane for a two-count, before he dawdled for so long that Casanova came in with a scissors kick. Casanova aborts a senton bomb, but plays dead… and captures Doane with a small package as Doane really fell for it! I guess that’s Casanova as good as out of Club Cam, and he’s back in the fan’s good books with that W. ***

Next week: Legit Legends (Chuck O’Neil, Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini) vs. Nerder Death Kris (Nick Gage, Kris Statlander & Thomas Santell); Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson & Pinkie Sanchez) vs. Whatever It Takes (VSK & Alex Reynolds); Tournament for Tomorrow Semi-Final: CJ Cruz vs. Richard Holliday; Tournament for Tomorrow Semi-Final: Christian Casanova vs. Alec Price; David Starr vs. Leyla Hirsch. I wonder if David’ll have any European gold with him for that outing…

Eddie Kingston & John Silver vs. Nerder Death Kill (Nick Gage & Thomas Santell)
Eddie’s in the main event for his birthday, while Nick Gage dove into the crowd and didn’t get caught. Those fools.

Hang on, how the hell is an old school Rev Pro shirt ending up in a Beyond crowd?!

Silver and Santell start, going straight to the mat as the pair scrambled for a hold. Santell get sa side headlock, but Silver rolls free only to get caught in a Boston crab attempt as the pair eventually got back to their feet. A cross armbar from Santell’s broken up as Silver lifts his way free, then went in for a triangle choke ahead of another stand-off.

They end up in the corner, with Gage tagging in to chop Silver ahead of a stalling suplex. Tags get us to Kingston and Santell, with the birthday boy roughing up Santell before a blind tag brought Gage in. Here we go! They slug it out, falling to the outside where the brawl continued, with all four men ending up going at it… Santell’s held for a chop from Silver, before he’s isolated back on the inside as Gage has disappeared.

Kingston drew a near-fall on Santell, as Gage seemed to be stirring… but he’s far away from getting back to the apron for a tag. Silver boots Gage off the apron as he pulled himself up, but Gage returns to break up a pin after a double-team on Santell… and Santell’s still left in there as Silver punts through him for a near-fall. A gorilla press lawn dart from Silver and a running boot in the corner should have put Santell away, but he bounces back with a brain buster, giving him enough time to tag out to Gage, who ran wild.

A face-washing boot and a Vader bomb elbow has Kingston down for a two-count, but Silver turns it around with a kick to the back of the head, following up with a spinning rack bomb on Gage. Santell chokes out Silver to stop the pin, before Kingston returned with a DDT and some strikes. Gage shoves Kingston into the path of a palm strike from Silver, and there’s the turn around as Kingston ends up eating a chokebreaker from Gage… and the birthday boy takes the fall. A solid slice of brawling to close out the show, as the Kingston/Silver pairing came up short. ***¼

Post-match, Gage celebrated in the crowd… while Silver and Kingston stayed back to collect their thoughts. That broke down as Kingston seemed to accuse Silver of doing that deliberately, but cooler heads prevail… before Kingston just punted Silver low to close ou tthe show. Is that what they mean by the birthday bumps?!

The slow burn towards Heavy Lies the Crown continued with another good show – one that had a cracking match to start off with… and the show largely kept the energy going from there. The fall-out from the main event’s likely to lead to a Silver/Kingston match on New Year’s Eve… and with speculation around Uncharted Territory’s future (or lack thereof), you should probably make a point of catching up on these shows as Beyond look to end 2019 on a high.

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