John Silver continued to break out in Beyond’s singles division as he took on Christian Casanova in the main week of this week’s Uncharted Territory.

It’s back to the White Eagle in Worcester, Massachusetts for this stacked line-up – and we open with Paul Crockett interviewing Christian Casanova before the show. He’s in the main event, and tells us that he doesn’t feel the pressure everyone’s putting on him. Crockett’s on commentary alongside Sidney Bakabella after they both had last week off…

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) vs. Mike Verna & Rex Lawless vs. Alex Reynolds & VSK
I see what you did there Bakabella… Verna and Lawless looking to “close in” on a win, eh?

By the way, everyone’s on the same page this week for Bear Boulder. Okay, almost everyone. Goddamnit Paul.

Reynolds and Boulder/Beefcake start, but it’s a bad start for Reynolds, who ate a huge back body drop. We’re under lucha rules, so there’s no tags… VSK tries to jump in, but things quickly break down as Milk Chocolate got ragdolled by Verna and Lawless. Another go around sees Bear Country low-bridged to the outside as VSK and Reynolds followed up with dives, before Lawless’ flip senton to the outside was caught, so Randy Summers could stomp through him to the floor.

Verna and Watts add to the dives, with Brandon Watts barely getting caught in time, before Bronson and Lawless squared off against each other. It’s stopped before they could touch though, but they did get a chance to show off their strength with sweet fallaway slams/Samoan drop combos. Lawless and Verna hoist up Bear Country, but lose them and take spears as Beyond’s tag team aces looked to finish them off… but instead they’re cut off in the turnbuckles with powerbombs.

Bear Country pop right back up for cannonballs, before double clotheslines left the hosses down… right as the other four guys came in to try and steal pins. They failed. Milk Chocolate stay on top of them, only for Bear Country to back senton in to break up pins as… yeah. It’s a tag team match that the referee’s lost control of. Not to worry, Bear Country squash Summers with an elevator drop, but Mark Sterling has the ref distracted. Not sure why, because four-ways are inherently no-DQ, but hey, the camera crew miss a fireball as Alex Reynolds steals the pin. This was fine, but the finish being missed on VOD hurt it badly. Too many bodies that weren’t on the same page for me. **¾

Post-match, Mark Sterling brags about the win, admitting to his charge’s (very) recent crimes and announces they want to take the title of Aces of Beyond. They’re interrupted by Thomas Santell, who has a mic, and a heckler. Santell tells Sterling to dye his beard, so he can look like VSK’s dad, and challenges VSK and Reynolds to a match against himself and Nick Gage… which is eventually accepted by VSK.

We were meant to get Leyla Hirsch vs. Lady Frost… but a pre-match attack from Victor Benjamin – and a save from Wheeler Yuta – meant we got a tag team match instead. Holla holla.

Leyla Hirsch & Wheeler Yuta vs. Pretty Proper (Lady Frost & Victor Benjamin)
Fortunately Yuta was in his gear, as “Team wXw Excursion” found themselves ready to go… and they start with a dive as Pretty Proper were on the outside.

Back in the ring, Hirsch obliterates Frost with a shoulder tackle, then with a dropkick before she and Yuta took their time to reposition Frost for a slingshot senton. It lands, but the delay bought Frost enough time to kick out at two. Yuta gets frustrated at Hirsch not being able to figure out double-teams, which is a nice touch for the makeshift team.

That gave Frost enough time to tag in Victor Benjamin, who didn’t hesitate against Hirsch, throwing her into the corner. Hirsch gets choked in the ropes by Frost, before some double knees almost ended things. Leyla tries to fight back, but she’s cornered as Frost ends up cartwheeling on Leyla before landing a low dropkick.

There’s a massively delayed cover after Frost’s cannonball into the corner, but Hirsch is able to get free and tag in Yuta, who threw her into the corner with a dropkick to Frost. Benjamin quickly switches it back around with a German suplex to Yuta, who then took the Samoan Drop/neckbreaker combo as a touch of the old Cryme Tyme finish nearly ended it. Hirsch has had enough and tosses Frost outside and into the crowd… before she returned to land a moonsault on Benjamin for the win. This was decent, but back-to-back losses for Frost and Benjamin don’t bring much hope if you’re hoping for them to come back to Beyond. **¾

We cut to a brief shot of the new SHIMMER tag champions – Team Sea Stars – arriving in the building…

Richard Holliday vs. Solo Darling
Cam Zagami’s toned down his look somewhat. Richard Holliday’s out with Airpods in his ears. I hope he loses them. They’re not even Pro. He tells the crowd he’s going “one-on-one with Sonic the Hedgehog” – but instead it’s Solo Darling with the Jakob Hammermaier crown…

Holliday tries to mock Solo’s lack of height from the off, as he’s actually wrestling in those Airpods. Solo tries to trip him to the mat, wrapping herself around his left leg, but he doesn’t budge as the takedown attempt almost cost Solo the match. One of the Airpods finally come out as Solo went for the Honey Steamer, but all three tries didn’t work as Holliday… just puts the earbud back in.

A backbreaker keeps Solo down, but Holliday’s arrogance costs him as he misses a charge, catching himself in the corner before Solo tried to take him out of the corner for a Burning Hammer. Her back goes before she could get Holliday down though, as the Airpods finally go flying… as did Solo with some hip attacks. A tornado bulldog out of the corner takes Holliday down, before a Code Red nearly got Solo the win. She tries for the Sharp Stinger, only for Holliday to counter with a bell clapper as the Market Crash powerbomb put her away. That was shockingly decisive given how much Solo was pushed earlier in the year, and you’ve got to think that’s not by accident… ***

Discovery Gauntlet: Matt Makowski vs. O’Shay Edwards
Makowski’s back after unseating Tony Deppen last week… he gets a better reaction than when he was Nemesis last week.

Makowski and Edwards sting each other with kicks early on, before O’Shay caught a kick and slapped down Makowski. Problem was, following in almost cost O’Shay, as he had to slip out of an armbar attempt, as Makowski began to work over Edwards’ arms. Edwards throws his way out of a choke, but Makowski quickly kicks him back into the corner… only to get lifted onto the apron as Edwards proceeded to deadlift superplex him back into the ring… with Edwards staying in the ropes. That’s called styling it out.

Edwards keeps up with a splash in the corner, then with some Beele throws as he was just ragdolling Makowski for fun here. The Three Amigos looked to follow, but the third one’s blocked as Makowski hit a suplex of his own before pulling Edwards into a Rings of Saturn. It doesn’t force a submission though, as Edwards got free… before he had to powerbomb his way out of a triangle armbar moments later. Makowski tries to throw rights, but Edwards is just as keen, and eventually caught Makowski with a spinebuster for a near-fall. A double-underhook superplex from Makowski follows for a near-fall, as Edwards returned fire with a Burning Hammer attempt… but Makowski lands on his feet and quickly trapped Edwards in a Chaos Theory that rolled into an armbar for the win. O’Shay looked good here, albeit tiring at the end… a nice little gem that isn’t too far away from breaking out for my money. ***¼

To Infinity And Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney) vs. Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)
Intergender tag action next, with the newly-crowned SHIMMER tag champions reminding me that Cheerleader Melissa still wrestles in 2019.

The SHIMMER tag champs strike first, double-teaming Colin Delaney early before Cheech found himself taken down with headscissors off the top rope. They hit back with Gun Stuns in the ropes as they countered duelling dives, before Delaney was shoved off the top rope into Vox and Exo on the floor.

Back in the ring, Delmi ate a brainbuster for a near-fall, but Delaney’s back with a very modified cobra clutch. Exo fought out, then got the tag to Vox who flew in with a back senton for a near-fall. Cheech is back in as the double-teaming led to the Sea Stars avoiding O’Connor rolls, then landing back crackers in the ropes. That’s the cue for dives as Exo and Vox toped to the floor, but Cheech and Delaney fought back with a sweet pair of draping DDTs for a near-fall. Delaney hits a nice springboard stunner to Vox as all four were down… but it’s Cheech and Delaney who are back up first, before a turn around led to the Sea Stars hitting an assisted senton off the top onto Cheech for the win. Decent, but this felt way too brief for my liking. ***

Anthony Greene’s shivering outside as we get a spot of product placement…

Jay Freddie vs. Kevin Bennett
Freddie wanted to face Brandon Thurston again, but instead Brandon sent one of his trainees – “The Remix” Kevin Bennett.

Freddie starts with a spear at the bell, before he hurled Bennett across the ring with Beele throws. We’re told Jay Freddie’s going back to Japan for Zero-1 at the end of the year, so you’d expect his feud with Thurston will wrap up one way or the other before the end of this season. He takes Bennett into the corner for some chops, then a face-washing boot and a kitchen sink knee as this was one-way traffic. A snap suplex keeps Freddie ahead for just a one-count, as Bennett’s attempt to fight back were short-lived. He’s taken onto the apron for another knee strike, but he rakes the eyes to save himself before a nice 619-into-a-splash caught Freddie for a near-fall. Bennett gets too cocky though, and Freddie’s right back in with a spinebuster.

Bennett elbows out of a Saito suplex attempt, but can’t avoid a dropkick… he fought out of a superplex attempt and senton’d into a keeled over Freddie, as a Vader bomb elbow lands for a near-fall. Freddie’s back, taking Bennett outside for a tope, only for Bennett to respond with a big boot and a moonsault off the apron, before a goddamn stage dive from the ring to the floor found its mark. Back inside though, Freddie snaps back with a brainbuster, before a Code Red almost got the win… with the referee ruling Bennett had kicked out. Not to worry, Freddie looks for a stomp, but missed as a cutter out of the corner kept the momentum wobbling. A twisting suplex nearly gets Bennett the win, before he went for a Brandon Thurston-esque low blow. It’s blocked, as Freddie just hits a powerbomb and a lariat… and that’s enough for the win. Decent showing from Bennett on his debut here, but there was only ever going to be one winner. ***¼

Anthony Greene, Ava Everett & Josh Briggs vs. Team Pazuzuhausen (Danhausen, Chris Dickinson & Pinkie Sanchez)
Beyond’s move to Thursday has kinda hurt the Platinum Hunnies, who’ve been apart more often than not this season.

Danhausen’s smitten with Dickinson’s knee pad (because it looks like him), and we start with Danhausen biting Briggs, before he unwisely went for a chokeslam. Briggs switched it around, but gets caught in a rear choke as Danhausen slipped out, before tags brought in Greene and Dickinson.

Greene and Dickinson go at it on the mat, before a shoulder tackle from Dickinson got him ahead… as did clotheslines. Dickinson wants Ava Everett instead… and gets her too, as all six folks ended up hitting the ring. Pazuzuhausen looked to take over, but they run into elbows before a trio of rope walks saw us go extremely Old School.

A Calaway clothesline has Briggs ahead, but Sanchez flips out of a chokeslam as we get a spot of Tequila! Don’t tell Jim Cornette, eh? Josh Briggs breaks it up and tossed Sanchez into Dickinson with a suplex throw, before he went for a tope over the ring post to the outside. Still sprightly, Briggs threw Sanchez in for a pin, before a tag brought in Greene to land a sit-out side slam. Greene stretches Sanchez over the apron as Everett hits an Undertaker-like legdrop for a two-count, before Greene’s snapmare and low dropkick forced another near-fall out of Pinkie. Ava’s back in with elbows and boots to Pinkie, before things got worse as Briggs returned with a backbreaker. Sanchez continues to take a beating, but hits his half of a double-clothesline before tags bring in Dickinson and Greene.

Dickinson’s the proverbial house afire, cleaning house before a swift death valley driver dumped Greene. Ava’s in to throw Dickinson outside for a tope, before Danhausen threw in a slingshot German as he proceeded to feed Greene some teeth. Briggs took over with a chokeslam, but gets DDT’d into the teeth as all hell broke loose, ending with an Ava Destroyer… before a lariat from Dickinson wiped her out. The “Ava-Taker” sits up and laughs like it’s Lesnar/Taker again, before roll-ups from Greene and Sanchez almost led to the win… with Pinkie eventually snatching it with a wheelbarrow roll-up. Some good stuff here, but Pazuzuhausen didn’t seem to click as much as I’d have liked them to as a trio. Commentary points out how Josh Briggs lost again, hinting that his friends cost him… ***

Post-match, Pinkie Sanchez gave Danhausen his Pazuzu kneepad, as we got the return of Chuck O’Neil. He steals the knee pad and went to choke out Danhausen, before Dickinson and Sanchez chased him off. Chuck’s got the kneepad, so I guess we’ve got Pazuzu vs. Chuck for the rest of the series.

Next week: Pinkie Sanchez vs. Chuck O’Neil… Club Cam’s Richard Holliday and Christian Casanova takes on the Bird and the Bee (Willow Nightingale & Solo Darling)… Matt Makowski takes on Gary Jay in the Discovery Gauntlet… Daniel Garcia’s back to take on John Silver… VSK & Alex Reynolds face Nick Gage and Thomas Santell… Mercedes Martnez vs. Kris Statlander too!

John Silver vs. Christian Casanova
It’s weird how in storyline John Silver “got the worst” of the Beaver Boys split, but is beginning to break out on his own. Christ, we’ve almost half an hour left on the VOD… is this going long?!

Kenn Doane tries to stall the match by “giving advice” to Casanova after the bell. It’s egregious enough for the ref to eject Doane and Cam Zagami early on, as we start with Silver trying to roll-up Casanova early on. Silver keeps taking down Casanova, but there’s a turnaround as Casanova began to match Silver on the mat. Another takedown from Silver led to a side headlock, ahead of a shoulder tackle and a dropkick as Silver began to push ahead.

Casanova tries to come back in with a boot, but it’s ducked as Silver’s back with kicks, only for Casanova to hang him in the ropes for a leaping enziguiri… but the springboard legdrop misses as Silver moved away, before he got caught in the ropes with a stunner. That rewind springboard legdrop connects at the second attempt, getting a two-count for Casanova, who then began to work over Silver’s leg. After getting choked in the ropes, Silver rebounds with a release suplex on Casanova, following up with a barrage of kicks to the chest. Casanova ducks and rolled up Silver as he launched into new offence, taking Silver into the corner with a running knee for a two-count, before a springboard clothesline saw Casanova float through the air en route to Silver.

Another crack at the rewind legdrop connects for a near-fall, before Casanova got carried away with kicks to the chest as Silver took over once again. Lariat dump Casanova for a near-fall, as Silver goes back to those kicks, punting Casanova back into the corner. Silver’s lariat attempt gets countered, but he just peppers Casanova with kicks until a suplex/cutter surprised the former Beaver Boy for a near-fall. A gorilla press dumps Casanova into the corner, with a snap brainbuster quickly putting him down for yet another two-count. Yep, it’s back to the kicks as Silver tried to put Casanova away, blasting through him with a PK before Casanova ended up missing a dive, sending himself into the ropes for a boot. Somehow, he rolls through a German suplex then hit the Dirty Diana on Silver, but a springboard is just swatted out of mid-air by Silver, who hits a rack bomb on him for a near-fall.

Silver looks to underscore the win with a stomp off the top onto the apron, before he leapt into a lungblower from Casanova, whose axe kick followed for yet another near-fall. Regardless, Silver fought back, taking Casanova up top as the pair jockeyed for position, ending with an avalanche rack bomb that Casanova took arse-first… and it’s still not enough! One running knee later though, and that was all as John Silver took the hard fought win – a good outing for Casanova who perhaps got over more in defeat. ***¾

After the match, Casanova and Silver shook hands… Silver exited stage left as Club Cam headed out, presumably to berate him for that show of sportsmanship… and the loss. Kenn Doane’s strapping himself up, but it’s a false alarm as Casanova clearly didn’t trust Club Cam to not jump him as the show went off the air.

All in all, a good outing for Uncharted Territory this week, with Beyond once again cycling through what you could call their expanded roster/contacts list while still keeping storylines and continuity up. Back when Beyond only ran monthly (or thereabouts) the lack of obvious continuity was a bugbear, but the promotion are in a really fine groove with the Uncharted Territory format. Long may it continue!

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