Nick Gage and Kris Statlander locked horns just 24 hours before King of Trios – as the second season of Uncharted Territory got off to a hot start!

For the second season, Uncharted Territory is moving to Thursdays, and staying at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA after their mooted move to Pawtucket fell through. Oh well, familiarity and all that! Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella are back on commentary.

Josh Briggs vs. Lance Archer
Apparently Briggs is a former LA Dojo trainee – you’re right Paul, that doesn’t get the pub it should!

Lance Archer decks a randomer who was at ringside. He should learn.

The two big lads start by charging into each other with shoulder tackles, before they traded slams, then forearms before Briggs booted Archer “in the face” a few times. Josh heads up top, but was just shoved to the floor … then met him with a POUNCE right back in the ring! Archer teed up for something as Briggs got back to his feet… and met Josh with another shoulder tackle as the “American Psycho” looked to have Briggs’ number. Briggs finally fought back, but just got whipped into the turnbuckles as Archer was right back on top. Archer tried to invite a heckler into the ring, before he changed tactic and went Old School on Briggs…

Briggs was forced to block an EBD Claw, before the pair ran into each other with a double clothesline. A Calaway Clothesline gets Briggs ahead, following up with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall, before the pair struggled over a chokeslam… Briggs goes for a ‘rana, then flipped out of a chokeslam before a Bossman Slam almost put him away. A uranage slam from Archer almost got him the win as Briggs just rolled free in the nick of time, before an EBD Claw in the ropes almost led to a DQ. Archer breaks in the nick of time, but then took Briggs up top for Blackout, only for Briggs to slip free and come back with a Twister suplex for another near-fall. From there, Archer comes right back with a spinebuster and a chokeslam, before the EBD Claw led to the win. A bit deflating for the Beyond faithful, but a heck of a hoss fight to kick off the second season of Uncharted Territory! ***

Crockett and Bakabella get a to-camera piece (with back-to-front name plates), as the new graphics continue to run down the card that’s yet to come.

Mark Sterling vs. Solo Darling
Sterling was last in the ring here as part of the Discovery Gauntlet, but now he’s Alex Reynolds’ manager… advisor… whatever. They’re continuing the feud that started in season 1, where Sterling dog-napped Officer Magnum, and Solo Darling’s out with the doggo… and Jakob Hammermeier’s wacky crown head-dress.

Solo charges in with a Thesz press at the bell as she looked to put away Sterling with a Sharp Stinger… but Reynolds runs in to break it up for the cheap DQ. Sterling went to dog-nap Officer Magnum again, but he’s stopped by Willow Nightingale making her return after seven months with a broken neck… and I guess we have an impromptu match!

Alex Reynolds & Mark Sterling vs. The Bird And The Bee (Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale)
In the intervening period, Solo got thrown on her head so the bad guys took control early, only to reverse a suplex to take Sterling into the corner.

Reynolds and Nightingale tag in, with Willow POUNCE’ing Reynolds before she kicked Sterling ahead of a spinebuster for a near-fall. A neckbreaker from Reynolds targeted the obvious for a near-fall, before some chairs backfired on the bad guys, as Solo came in for a low blow, before a Gory bomb/bulldog combo led to Officer Magnum coming in for the lateral press to win. The good guys get their comeuppance after a brief and enjoyable outing. **¾

Brandon Thurston vs. Jay Freddie
Third time’s the charm after these two traded wins during the first season of Uncharted Territory.

We’re starting with a sprint here, as Thurston and Freddie went for takedowns and escapes, before a struggle over a backslide led to a near-fall for Thurston. Freddie responds with a Sharpshooter attempt, but it’s pushed away as they reached a stand-off, before an attempted escape from Freddie led to Thurston kicking him low… and that’s the win! An unpopular result as Thurston ditched the wrestling and embraced shortcuts, but what we had in the three minutes or so was good. **½

After the match, Freddie grabbed the mic and demanded a restart… but Thurston… refuses.

Backstage, Matt Makowski is being interviewed ahead of his Discovery Gauntlet match… but he’s attacked by Tony Deppen, who was meant to have been in the Gauntlet in a few weeks time.

Discovery Gauntlet: Daniel Garcia vs. Tony Deppen
Garcia was unaware of what happened earlier, and when Makowski didn’t appear, there was some hesitation as officials briefed each other. Tony Deppen came out as the replacement, which feels a little shady…

Garcia shoved around Deppen, who blew snot at him for that, as Deppen proceeded to push ahead… until Garcia powerbombed him silly. A Deathshooter’s blocked as Deppen looked to hit back with a low dropkick, taking Garcia into the corner for some running double knees that barely got a two-count.

A shotgun dropkick fires Garcia back into it, but a series of standing switches led to some more back and forth, ending with a huge lariat from Deppen. Garcia follows with a sit-out powerbomb, which isn’t enough to put away Deppen, who then got lifted up top for a superplex… which he rolled through on and followed up with a brainbuster before stomping through Garcia for a near-fall! Slaps from Deppen led to a rapid exchange of forearms, including a pop-up forearm from Garcia, before an exchange of German suplexes and a Shining Wizard from Deppen led to another two-count! From the kick-out Deppen’s caught in a crossface, then in a Deathshooter, but Deppen rakes the eyes as Garcia leaned back… getting himself free.

The pair head onto the apron to exchange chops, before Deppen back body dropped Garcia to the floor for a springboard trust fall. My God in Heaven, that was crackers! Another Shining Wizard back in the ring gets the win, and that was a hell of a sprint as Tony Deppen made his chance and snatched it with both hands! ****

After the match, Deppen took the mic and told the crowd he did what he did “for a payday” before leaving. He’ll face 1 Called Manders next week…

Thomas Santell vs. Orange Cassidy
Santell was mocking Cassidy during the intro, walking with his hands in his trunks before he pulled out a present for Orange… an orange with a pair of glasses on it.

There’s a pre-made bottle of Ovaltine too, which looks suspiciously like orange juice in a new bottle… but no, it’s actually a real thing. Like the Weetabix drink, which sounds like an oxymoron. Orange refuses to drink it, which made Santell sad, as he’d rather have his own stash… Santell spiked himself in the eye with his own glasses, and gets some mercy as Cassidy gave him his sunglasses, which led to Santell going all Orange with slow-mo graps. Orange gets the glasses back as we get some hands-in-pockets wrestling, including a single leg crab, but Santell escaped and looked for a Sugar Free Hold… but having hands in the pockets saved Orange.

Santell capitalises by throwing Orange into the ring post, before he went to work on the left arm of Cassidy… I mean, it stops him putting them in his pocket, so… Santell then changed tack, forcing Cassidy’s hands back into the pockets so he couldn’t defend from some ground and pound as the crowd began booing. A missed moonsault from Santell just fires him up as he laid into Cassidy with forearms, then laughed off Orange’s own swats only to get caught with a satellite DDT for a near-fall.

A suplex from Cassidy almost got the win, before Santell got a near-fall from a Regalplex… then rolled into a Fujiwara armbar to force Orange into the corner for his orange juice… then the rope. From there, Santell goes for the juice… but Orange has had a sip of Ovaltine too, which he sprayed back before a Superman punch got the win. Some decent stuff here among the comedy, with Santell working pretty well as a bit of a dick bad guy. I wonder if that’ll go anywhere this season? ***¼

After the match, Orange Cassidy got the mic and challenged WARHORSE to an IWTV title shot because he wants his belt back…

They announce some matches for the Sodom and Gomorrah show on October 12: John Silver vs. Erick Stevens, the Butcher & The Blade vs. Team Tremendous, a six-way with Erick Corvis, Alex Zayne, Steve West, Tony Deppen, Johnny Cockstrong and Daniel Makabe… Kris Statlander vs. Matthew Justice… Nick Gage vs. Addy Starr

Rich Palladino announces that Uncharted Territory’s first hour was watched by more people than Americanrana. Yikes!

Wheeler Yuta vs. Chris Dickinson
Yuta issued this challenge at the All Hands on Deck beach show not too long ago, and it’s gonna be a tough test considering what Dickinson put himself through in season one.

They keep it technical from the off, with Dickinson getting slapped as he tried to grab a hold… so he responds with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick as Yuta went for a leapfrog. A lucha armdrag from Dickinson only inspired Yuta into a double-jump missile dropkick, before a backslide almost put Dickinson away.

Yuta keeps up the aggression though, staying on Dickinson’s arm, before floating over a leapfrog attempt to dropkick the Dirty Daddy back down. A thunderous elbow off the top rope nearly gets the win, before Dickinson began to make a comeback, cracking Yuta with a spinning enziguiri. Clotheslines from Dickinson keep Yuta down, but Wheeler slips out into a sleeperhold only to get tossed with a back suplex. A death valley driver’s next from Dickinson for a near-fall, then a crunching powerbomb, before Yuta slides out of a Pazuzu bomb and hit back with a dropkick. That sends Dickinson outside for a tope, before he’s met with a crossbody back inside for a near-fall, then a Yutagatame submission… but the bottom rope saves Dickinson.

A snap German suplex almost got Yuta over the line, before the match descended into strikes. A ‘rana led to Yuta and Dickinson see-sawing a sunset flip for near-falls, before Dickinson rolled through for a powerbomb for just a one-count! Yuta’s punch drunk and quickly taken down with a lariat though, and that’s all folks! A hell of a war from Yuta, but in the end Chris Dickinson was just too big of a challenge on this day. ***¾

After the match, Club Cam – Cam Zagami, Kenn Doane, Richard Holliday and Christian Casanova – surround the ring as Dickinson was suddenly under threat. Extra points for Holliday being extra douch-ey with the Air Pods. Two masked men come into the ring in rubber masks a la LAX in AEW… but it’s Milk Chocolate, who low-blow Dickinson as there’s a beat down. A beat down that’s ended when the lights go off, with Pinkie Sanchez hitting the ring. I’m sad. From the silhouette, I thought it was the return of Mantaur.

Sanchez spikes Randy Summers with a double-arm DDT… and that’s enough to send the expanded Club Cam packing.

Next week: Eddie Kingston versus, as Alan4L puts it, Timothy Goddamn Thatcher. Plus: 1 Called Manders enters the Discovery Gauntlet, DL Hurst does a wrestle, Ace Austin vs. Wheeler Yuta, Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson and Pinkie Sanchez) vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers).

Kris Statlander vs. Nick Gage
This match won a fan poll to be the main event – and it starts out hot as Kris met Gage in the entry way to start the clubbering!

Gage hurls Statlander into the ring post, before he pulled out some plunder in the form of doors and chairs. Statlander dropkicks a door into Gage, so she could slide it into the ring herself, only to get met with a spinebuster as Gage stops her in her tracks.

A running death valley driver from Gage quickly obliterates the door, but she’s quickly met with a chair that was thrown her way, before a fan was ordered to hold up a chair so Kris could get thrown through it. Headbutts on the top rope rock Kris some more, but she recovers as Gage ends up outside for a tope… then a boomerang moonsault off the apron as Statlander was in her element here.

Statlander pulls out more doors, but she’s caught with a suplex through an open chair for a near-fall. Half of a door from earlier’s put against Kris in the corner as a running boot saw Gage put his foot through her… and the door, before dragging Statlander out of the corner for a near-fall. Kris begins a fightback with forearms in the corner, following in with running knees and a spin out slam, as a 450 splash followed for a near-fall. From there, she creates a door bridge, then drops Gage with an electric chair drop… before she got whacked with a door remnant and a piledriver… before a piledriver off the top rope through the door got the win. Kris seems to be able to shine in these plunder matches, but against Nick Gage it was always going to be a huge task. ***½

After the match, Thomas Santell helps Statlander to her feet as those three were set to wrestle at CHIKARA’s King of Trios the following day. Gage issues a challenge for “anyone in the roster to have a shot at God”, before he got all of his swearing out ahead of that CHIKARA booking to close out the show…

For the start of the second season, this was a really good, solid show out of Beyond – which did its bit to promote other stuff within indie wrestling, with King of Trios in particular getting some shine. Next week’s show is looking really stacked with that Kingston/Thatcher match looking extra tasty after the weekend Timo just had in Germany… and that’ll be a heck of a week to get back on the wagon in after we’d watched this on a longer delay than usual!

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