Beyond’s back at another old stomping ground as Fete Music in Rhode Island Ruby Soho go for the IWTV title, while Team Tremendous imploded once more.

Quick Results
Aaron Rourke pinned Teddy Goodz in 4:12 (**½)
Alex Shelley submitted Ruby Soho in 11:40 to retain the IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship (***½)
Megan Bayne pinned Tasha Steelz in 11:44 (***)
Alex Reynolds & John Silver pinned Mark Sterling & VSK in 12:45 (***¼)
Masha Slamovich defeats Kimber Lee by disqualification in 10:05 (***½)
Wheeler YUTA pinned Tracy Williams in 15:47 (***¾)
No Disqualification: Rickey Shane Page pinned Slade in 8:21 (***¼)
Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan pinned Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando, Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson, and Jay Lyon & Midas Black in 15:42 (***½)
Willow Nightingale pinned Max The Impaler in 11:49 (***½)
Alec Price pinned Blake Christian in 15:07 (***½)
No Disqualification: Dutch pinned Dan Barry in 23:26 (***)

For the first time since Americanrana in 2016, Beyond returned to a PACKED Fete Music in Providence with a massive line-up… let’s take a run through it as Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella provide the call.

Teddy Goodz vs. Aaron Rourke
Cam Zagami’s with Rourke here, and he’s ridiculous. Red leather jacket and trousers is certainly a look.

Rourke starts it off hot with a dropkick to Goodz, but a back body drop has Rourke on the mat before he went right for Goodz’s eyes. A double knee drop out of the corner has Goodz down, before he hauled Rourke off the top rope with an Iconoclasm. Goodz follows with a clothesline, then a series of running back elbows before a backpack stunner out of the corner drew a near-fall. Goodz gets caught on the top rope as Cam Zagami then shoved him down behind the ref’s back, allowing Rourke to win with a split-legged moonsault. Decent enough for the time, but very short. **½

IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship: Ruby Soho vs. Alex Shelley (c)
They started off the main show hot with this one… as Ruby Soho got showered with streamers for her first match in Beyond in five years. It even got the Fete crowd do to a bit of Taz-like karaoke for her music…

Shelley gets the upper hand early on as he looked to beat Ruby to the punch, before a sleeperhold trapped Ruby in the middle of the ring. Soho returned with a Corning hold, before an armdrag out of the corner had Shelley looking a little perturbed. A kick has Shelley on the outside, but Shelley slides in to avoid a tope, hitting Ruby with a backbreaker instead. An Air Raid Crash-like submission has Soho in trouble, before a wacky submission attempt looked painfully close to a pinning attempt… but was just painful. A bow and arrow hold’s next, but Soho floats free, only for her back to be targeted again, this time with a bear hug. Soho gets free and hits a few elbows and uppercuts to daze Shelley, following with almost a uranage for a near-fall.

Shelley’s driven into the buckles next, but a back senton takes too long as Shelley gets the knees up, then pulled Soho into a Border City Stretch. Soho dragged herself to the ropes, before an over-the-shoudler armbreaker left Ruby in pain. She’s back with a knee strike and an enziguiri, only to miss a diving clothesline as Shelley pulls her into the Border City Stretch… which somehow she reversed. Soho’s quickly rolled up for a two-count, before she went for a floatover, only to get BOUNCED with an Air Raid Crash… she crucifixes Shelley from the cover as they trade two-counts, before a swift Shell Shock and a Border City Stretch forced the stoppage. This got real good in the home stretch, with Shelley’s game plan from the off working – even if the crowd seemingly didn’t want to boo him. ***½

Beyond returns to Fete on February 4, 2022 for a show called “Day 91.” If that’s day 91, then day zero was November 4… and there were quite a few folks released on that day. Bro Hymn is intensifying as we speak…

Megan Bayne vs. Tasha Steelz
Bayne’s scheduled opponent – Leyla Hirsch – dropped out last week, so instead Tasha Steelz is up to try and break Bayne’s streak.

Bayne’s very dismissive attitude towards Steelz in the early going saw her ragdoll the Impact star, only to miss a legdrop as Steelz forced an opening with some low dropkicks for a two-count. Uppercuts and enziguiri trap Bayne in the corner, but she blocked a tornado DDT and charged Tasha down, before a second attempt at a tornado DDT was countered into a Northern lights. Steelz fought back with some chops, but runs into a tiltawhirl slam before some right hands led to Steelz charging Bayne into the corner. Bayne sidesteps a charge and hits a slingshot stalling slam for a couple of two-counts… then missed a knee into the corner as Steelz found a new opening, knocking Bayne down with a leaping elbow.

Bayne returned with a uranage out of the corner, having blocked another crack at the DDT… finally hitting a DDT gets Steelz a two-count. A half crab’s pushed out of by Bayne, who then had her knee chopped out ahead of a Dudley Dog from Steelz for a near-fall, before Steelz countered a swinging side slam into a crucifix bomb for another near-fall. From there, Bayne went for a TKO, but eats a cutter instead for a near-fall, before Bayne’s attendants got involved, distracting the ref as Steelz got pushed off the top rope… before Bayne put her away with a tombstone for the win. Perhaps the most vulnerable Bayne’s looked, but she still escapes with a win as that streak continues. ***

Whatever It Takes (Mark Sterling & VSK) vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)
This was set up on Uncharted Territory a few weeks back when Sterling and VSK tried to get Alex Reynolds back onside with them…

We eventually get going with VSK and Silver setting up for shoulder blocks as they tried to assert their dominance early. Silver scores with his shoulder tackle to take VSK into the corner, then another one to charge down Sterling as well, before Alex Reynolds came in to avoid a Sterling enziguiri. Sterling and VSK get taken outside… and Sterling didn’t have much better luck on his return as he missed a crossbody out of the corner. VSK pulls Sterling out of the corner as Reynolds crashed and burned, and that created the opening for VSK and Sterling to isolate Reynolds and wear him down. A knee drop gets VSK a two-count, before Reynolds clipped VSK with a clothesline to the top of the head.

VSK and Sterling miss leg drops and knee drops as Reynolds looked to fight his way over fore the hot tag, which Reynolds eventually gets after a pop-up knee. John Silver runs wild, hitting a back body drop before a sit-out powerbomb countered VSK’s ‘rana for a near-fall. Sterling gets the tag in, but mugged to the crowd as Reynolds tagged in… Sterling realises what he’s done before he ate a big boot as the Dark Order lads began to ping Sterling around, with Reynolds almost winning it off of a German suplex.

Silver returns, rolling through a backslide to hit a knee to VSK, who returned with an over-the-knee brainbuster as Silver was left laying… Reynolds comes in but gets mule kicked by Sterling, who then put on some brass knuckles as VSK distracted the ref… only for Sterling to turn around into a fireball from Reynolds?! Underhanded tactics beaten by underhanded tactics as the former Beaver Boys leave with the win. ***¼

Masha Slamovich vs. Kimber Lee
A rematch from Project Reality back in May, where Slamovich took the loss…

The one started off hot, with the pair trading front kicks and German suplexes in the early going. Kicks and body blows keep Kimber Lee in the corner, but she returns with a trio of spinning kicks for a near-fall, before a chinbar looked to force a stoppage. Slamovich bites her way free, but eats some more kicks before chops took Masha into the corner. She’s back with some Kawada-ish kicks for a two-count, before a snapmare and a PK flattened Kimber Lee. A wild sidewalk slam dumps Kimber for another two-count, before a series of headbutts peppered Kimber… who returned the favour.

The pair trader running kicks into the corner, before dualling high kicks left both women laying. An up-kick from Masha helps her build back, leading to a spinning wheel kick for a near-fall, before Kimber Lee’s German suplexes turned the tide once more. A kneeling piledriver nearly finishes Slamovich, before Kimber Lee went out and grabbed someone’s crutch, then whacked Slamovich with it for the DQ. A rather sudden stop, but this was a good scrap – and one I can see them running back for the obvious reasons. ***½

Wheeler Yuta vs. Tracy Williams
The former trademark-baiting Hot Wheels explode!

Yuta tried to surprise Williams at the bell, but to no avail as Williams took him down to the mat as the pair looked to wear the other down. Williams tied up the legs ahead of a back senton to Yuta, before Yuta’s attempt at a springboard armdrag was stuffed with a cross armbar by the ropes. Headlocks and headscissors are traded next as Yuta finds a way in with a toe hold, before a springboard armdrag had Williams on the back foot. A dropkick has Williams down, as did a deathlock as Yuta set up for a Muta lock… which Williams instantly countered with a chinlock as Yuta got to the rope.

Williams escapes a suplex and hits almost an Angle Slam to Yuta, then a Doctor Bomb for a near-fall, before Williams began to chop Yuta against the ropes before Yuta found a way back in with a crossbody. All those shots to the midsection stopped Yuta from adding instantly to that, but he is able to add some offence, landing a dropkick and a tope as Williams had headed outside. Back inside, Yuta catches a back elbow from Williams, turning it into a German suplex for a near-fall. Williams tries to get back in with a rear naked choke, but it’s rolled out of as Yuta ends up taking a clothesline… then a crossface, which Yuta rolled out of for a near-fall. Another Angle Slam followed for a near-fall, this time for Yuta, as he applies a crossface after that… then switched into an ankle lock as Williams almost got to the rope.

Williams rolls out and hits a death valley driver for a near-fall, then got caught up top… Yuta escapes a counter DDT to the turnbuckle, then hit a Michinoku driver… before Yuta went up top for a big splash… only for Williams to get the knees up! Williams tries to capitalise, but instantly gets rolled up as Yuta snatched the win in a really keenly-fought contest. Well worth going back and watching if you’re just skimming through this. ***¾

No Disqualification: Slade vs. Rickey Shane Page
Batten down the hatches! Especially with Slade chucking plunder into the ring before he even got into it himself…

An Exploder sends RSP through a door in the opening seconds, which is a bit of a hint for how this is going to go. Slade waffles Page with chairs, then went out for another door before RSP hit a slingshot suplex throw to break free. A Rude Awakening neckbreaker dumped Slade across the back of a chair for a two-count, before RSP moved away a door… and slammed Slade instead. From there, RSP stacks up some opened chairs for a painful-looking contraption, but Slade pushes away and chokeslammed Page onto the sides of those chairs. Slade slams RSP after that, then set up the chairs again for a door bridge… but RSP stopped him and instead built a crash pad out of chairs, which Slade’s thrown into.

A springboard frog splash from RSP followed for a two-count, before a multi-storey door bridge was set up… but Slade powers up and stopped RSP, only to get superplex’d through the chairs and tables for a near-fall? A GTF – Go to Sleep chokeslam – followed, and that’s the win for RSP in a wild plunder match. Your mileage will vary, but this was done at such a clip that it felt like a war without dragging. ***¼

Mark Sterling wanders out afterwards with a taped-up head to poke fun at “Richard.” Sterling draws out his “messages” as it proved to be a cover for VSK to superkick RSP as the pair double-team Page… only for Slade to run back out to chase them away as they set up RSP & Slade vs. Sterling & VSK for down the line.

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) vs. The Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan) vs. Waves And Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan)
We’ve got the present against the recent past of Beyond’s tag team division here… with Waves and Curls being a late, popular addition as commentary noted how EYFBO stole the show in a similar spot back in 2013.

Black and Brandyn start us off, but we’re quickly switching around tags as the Shook Crew hit almost a Falcon Arrow on Brandyn across Orlando’s knees. Bear Boulder tags in, so Brandyn runs out to tag in Traevon Jordan for a more fair fight, before Brandyn came in off the top rope. He’s caught and Gorilla (Bear?) pressed by Boulder onto Jordan like he was nothing. Bear Bronson’s in to slam Midas Black onto the pile, before a back senton squishes Brandyn for a near-fall. Brandyn fires up, but Bryuce Donovan tags in on Bronson as the Shook Crew blitzed through Brandyn for a near-fall. Orlando throws Brandyn into the corner for another two-count, but Brandyn gets out and superkicks Donovan before bringing in Midas Black as the Mane Event took control.

A pop-up Samoan drop wipes out Brandyn… Jordan’s tripped into the ropes for a 619 from Black, then a Quebrada from Lyon as a corkscrew moonsault from Black left Jordan down and out ahead of… Bear Bronson diving through the hoop?! Undeterred, Lyon goes for his dive again, this time hitting a rope walk moonsault into the pile, before the Shook Crew took over back inside, hitting a double-team powerbomb to Black. A Parade of Moves kicks off, leading to a Bossman slam from Donovan to Bronson, before Boulder’s crossbody wiped out the Shook Crew. Donovan stops Boulder from going up for a moonsault, before Bronson press slammed Orlando onto the apron as a swinging uranage dumped Donovan.

From there, all that’s left is for an Elevator Drop, but Jaylyn Brandyn counters it into a Doomsday Cutter on Bronson. Waves and Curls combine with Midas Black to sink Boulder with superkicks, before all hell broke loose, ending with a massive Jordan superkick that nearly beheaded Black, before a Sky High powerbomb got rid of Black. Bryce Donovan’s still legal and leaps into the Wave Check as Waves and Curls leave with the win after a fun multi-man tag. ***½

Max The Impaler vs. Willow Nightingale
This was Max’s return after they last appeared at Reverse The Curse…

We open with Max grabbing a side headlock on Willow, dragging her down to her knees before they threw Willow aside. Ducking a clothesline, Willow’s back with headscissors to take Max into the corner, only for them to throw Willow aside as Max ended up taking a boot. They shrugged it off, but got took down with a drop toe hold as Willow’s back sentons earn a two-count. Willow looks to add a wheelbarrow in, but a facebuster from Max dumped Willow in the ropes ahead of a Thesz press. Max took Willow into the ropes and ripped off an eyelash… then spat it out, before a curb stomp leaves Willow laying.

Max kicks out at two from a small package, but proceeded to WALLOP Willow with a lariat for a near-fall, before a sleeperhold was thrown off. Willow avoids another stomp as she cartwheels away from Max, following with a superkick and some Irish whips into the corners. Elbows in the corner weaken Max as they’re set up for a cannonball, before a Fireman’s carry was blocked…

Max charges Willow back into the corner for some swinging punches before they threw Willow across the ring… a flip senton’s next for a near-fall, then a uranage backbreaker that wrecks Willow, before Willow slipped out of a slam and clotheslined Max… who’s right back with a spear! They stay on Willow with shoulders in the corner, before a roll through gets Willow a two-count… A death valley driver followed, before a moonsault off the top finally put Max away. This was a fun sprint, with Max looking dominant – but the story here was Willow overcoming the odds. ***½

They announce for Uncharted Territory this Thursday – Trish Adora vs. Brian Johnson, Willow Nightingale vs. Alec Price, Wheeler Yuta & Tracy Williams vs. Shane Mercer & KTB, Atticus Cogar vs. Masha Slamovich, and Matt Taven vs. Teddy Goodz.

Alec Price vs. Blake Christian
This was Blake’s first match in Beyond since July 2020, where he lost to Christian Casanova. It’s a damning sign of things that since then he’s been signed and released…

Price stalls at the bell, before he and Christian locked up into the corner. There’s a clean break, as Price tries to swing back in, only for Christian to pull ahead with headscissors and a dropkick after a nice log roll dropdown. A gamengiri from the apron and a neat swingaround leads to an springboard X-Factor out of the corner for a near-fall. Christian heads up top, but gets caught by Price, who followed up with a splash to the back of him in the ropes. A missed clothesline set up Price for a wheelbarrow roll through and a standing frog splash, before Alec booted Blake ahead of a back suplex for a near-fall. Christian rolls Price down for some kicks as he comes closer to the win, only for Price to retaliate with a running knee, then a springboard leg lariat for a near-fall.

A side headlock on the mat keeps Blake at bay, but Christian fights back with elbows and clotheslines ahead of a reverse Slingblade, before a neckbreaker and a half-and-half suplex folded Alec in half. Christian keeps going with a diving kick, then a massive Quebrada across the ring for a near-fall, before Price’s double knees were countered into a powerbomb… then a cloverleaf! Price pushes free as Becca clipped Christian in the ropes, before a Gotch powerbomb was rolled through by Christian… whose wheelbarrow frog splash ended up being blocked. Second time’s the charm for that powerbomb, as Price then adds an Okada-like neckbreaker slam for a near-fall. A Scorpio kick’s countered into a powerbomb by Christian for a near-fall, as Becca then pulled Price outside as Christian went up top.

In response, Blake heads outside, but gets posted as the pair fight up onto the stage, where Price gets knocked off ahead of a tope con giro from Christian onto Price and Becca. Back in the ring, a springboard forearm lays out Price, as did a ripcord standing Spanish Fly, with a 450 knee drop nearly getting the win… Christian goes up again, but misses a 450 splash as Price lays in a forearm. Another Scorpio kick misses as the pair trade roll-ups, then engaged in a hockey fight as they continued to trade a series of shots that eventually set up for the Su-Prize kick (the Scorpio kick) for the win. Okay… how did WWE give up so quickly on Blake? If this is any sign of what some may call a “eff-you” run on the indies, then something tells me that Blake’s not going to be hurting for bookings for the foreseeable. Nor should Alec Price, but I sense 2022 may be where he really comes into his own. ***½

Remember that Day 91 show on February 4? They announce here it’s the return of Biff Busick. Better start warming up your Pennywise anthems…

No Disqualification: Dan Barry vs. Dutch
The former Team Tremendous blew up at July’s Masterclass show – and this looks like their big send off…

Dan jumped the former Bill Carr before he’d gotten to the ring, following with a swinging DDT before he went outside for some plunder. First came the chairs, but Dutch caught and flung it at Dan Barry’s head and arm, which causes Dan to bleed pretty much straight away. Second came the fork, which Dutch pulled out to help make the red stuff flow. Dutch heads outside to get a not-so-forbidden door, but an attempted powerbomb through it’s slipped out as Barry instead tried a suplex… only for Dutch to just brush Dan off and ragdoll him through that door with a powerbomb. Dutch walked to the back after that powerbomb, quickly returning with a barbed wire board (think the one Mick Foley had on fire back in the day).

Dutch swings and misses with the board, but Dan didn’t as he made sure the barbs rolled up and down his former tag partner’s back. A chair’s set up as Barry pulled Dutch into it with almost a Flatliner, then again with a snapmare, before a step-up dropkick knocked a chair into a cornered Dutch. Barry heads outside and… why is there a ladder there? It’s thrown into the ring as Dan hits a step-up dropkick off the ladder… he lands on it in the process, then had the ladder thrown back into him as a bloody Dutch went out for yet more plunder. Out comes a table, but it’s not taken to the ring as Dutch opts to hit an Exploder on Barry into the ladder. This is getting ugly…

Eventually Dutch goes for a pin, but Dan’s up at two as Dutch goes out to set up the table at ringside. Barry topes Dutch, then followed him with an Asai moonsault as the knee cracked Dutch in the back of the head on the way down… before Dutch went through a table. Just not the way Dan wanted him to…

Don’t worry, there’s more stuff under the ring, as Dan pulls out another door and goes to set up a door bridge between two chairs… but Dutch swings Dan with a Bossman slam as Barry leapt off the middle rope, nearly ending the match right there. They head over to the makeshift table, where Barry tries a death valley driver, only for Dutch to deadlift him… second time’s the charm as a Samoan drop wrecks the door. Barry ups the ante, putting the ladder across the corner… Dutch is placed on the ladder and takes a back senton off the top as he bounced off the ladder. A corkscrew senton followed as Dan nearly took the win, as the Fete crowd chanted “Kill Bill”… that’ll get your Twitter account suspended if you tweet that.

Barry sets up a pile of doors and chairs next as he looked to put the final bullet in Team Tremendous, only for Dutch to catch him out with a Bossman slam into the door and chairs. Dutch grabs a beer as he sat over a fallen Barry, pouring the can over him, before Dutch went under the ring for an Amazon delivery. Inside the box? A load of thumb tacks. Yup. The tacks are spilled over the mat, but Dan’s got a second wind as he tries to force Dutch face-first into the tacks… eventually turning Dutch’s head into a human pin cushion ahead of a stomp for good measure. Dutch rises up and low blows Dan, leading to a ripcord Bossman slam onto the tacks, then another for good measure as Dan Barry was put away. This was bloody from the off, and a violent way to make sure that Team Tremendous was finished off… it’s a shame the feud hadn’t had much “screen time” since the summer, but it was what it was. ***

Post-match, Vincent and Vita von Starr from ROH’s Righteous came out to celebrate with Dutch, then berate Dan Barry for not being happy at his friend’s success as the show went off the air…

If you’ve recently started following Beyond because of Uncharted Territory, these big shows can be a bit daunting – but the energy from the crowd at Fete more than blasted through your computer/TV screens and made the entire show blew by. If you haven’t been watching Beyond, then now’s a good time to start as the independents begin to look a lot more populous going into 2022…