With the second season of Uncharted Territory days away, Beyond hit the beach as they bade farewell to MJF.

It’s been a hectic summer for Beyond since Americanrana – with plans for the promotion to move their weekly shows to Pawtucket falling through, Beyond’s had to cut their cloth and prepare to return to the White Eagle. While they still had time though, they may as well try and relax on the beach though…

Oh man, they had Rich Palladino wear a tux for this! It was about 25 degrees Celsius outside, and there’s barely a cloud in the sky. We’re coming from Paddy’s Beach Club in Westerly, Rhode Island… and yes, we’re on a goddamn beach! Commentary comes in wacky dual channel from Sidney Bakabella in the left ear, and Paul Crockett in the right.

Kris Statlander vs. Alex Reynolds
Mark Sterling, who linked up with Reynolds at Americanrana, isn’t here. Reynolds is now billed from Madison Square Garden. At least he was for a couple of minutes on SmackDown…

We’ve a tentative start as Statlander took down Reynolds with a waistlock early on, before she kipped up out of a shoulder tackle. Reynolds looked for a monkey flip, but Krist stuck the landing and quickly worked her way to take down Reynolds for a flip senton for a quick one-count. Reynolds rolled outside, but took a moonsault off the apron into the sand, and we already have sand in the ring!

Statlander hoists up Reynolds in an Electric Chair, but he slips out and hot shots her in the ropes, before Kris took a nasty spill into the turnbuckles for a near-fall. Some fish-hooking in the ropes keeps Statlander down, as does a snap suplex, but she makes a recovery and clubbed Reynolds into the corner, following up with a sunset flip out of it for a near-fall. A discus forearm from Reynolds and a cravat suplex nearly ends it, but Statlander has a second wind, catching Reynolds in the corner with uppercuts and boots before a Falcon arrow nearly got her the win. Kris looks for the package tombstone, but Reynolds rolls out of the Big Bang Theory before he landed a superkick and a folding powerbomb for another near-fall.

Statlander goes back to the Electric Chair, and lands the Electric Chair facebuster for a two-count, before Reynolds rolled outside to avoid a 450 splash. Kris’ PK on the apron’s swept away, as Reynolds ends up going back into the ring, into a grounded Octopus as VSK hit the ring to distract… Reynolds taps out, but it’s missed, as was VSK hanging Statlander across the top rope. A fireball’s thrown at Statlander ahead of a double underhook/spin out knee dealie – and that’s enough for Reynolds to get the win. So, interference and a fireball in the opener eh? Top that! Shenanigans aside, this was a pretty solid opener, with Statlander looking impressive in defeat. ***

After the match, a gong hits as Nick Gage came out with Thomas Santell. Reynolds and VSK bailed, as it was Santell who eventually tried to tend to Statlander.

Nerder Death Kill (Nick Gage & Thomas Santell) vs. The Creatures Of The Deep (Cajun Crawdad & Merlok)
The Creatures of the Deep literally emerged from the ocean for this, as the match started on the beach.

Crawdad hits the ring with Santell, using a nerve grip before a Boston crab was broken up when Merlok wandered into the ring. Santell’s POUNCE’d by Merlok, before Crawdad went Coast to Coast on Santell in the corner for a near-fall. Things settle down as a sunset bomb off the top from Santell drove Merlok to the mat, but Santell had to fight a little more to tag out, with Gage running in with a facewashing boot.

Santell’s back to help with an assisted chokebreaker on Crawdad, before a Sugar Free Hold forces the submission. Very brief, but the crowd enjoyed it you can’t crap over it. **½

This single, panning hardcam cut is very tricky to watch. I’m getting flashbacks to the Super J-Cup shows…

Christian Casanova vs. Alex Zayne
Oh my God, Cam Zagami is outdoing himself with these outfits. He’s dressed as a sailor, except… there’s no boats!

Alex Zayne’s making his Beyond debut here as he’s quickly breaking out thanks to appearances at GCW and others. Casanova tries for a superkick early, but Zayne sidesteps as our early flippy dos were too quick to call, as we worked into duelling dropkicks and a stand-off. Casanove suckerpunches Zayne into the corner, hanging him in the ropes for an enziguiri before a slingshot ‘rana took Casanova into the beach ahead of a goddamn tope con giro OVER THE REF to the outside.

Back inside, Casanova has luck with a rewind springboard legdrop to Zayne, landing a near-fall from it, before a springboard slingblade led to another near-fall. Casanova dusts off the sand as Sidney on commentary tries his best to make Paul Crockett crease. A springboard codebreaker still can’t get it done for Casanova, nor did a standing guillotine legdrop, as Zayne found a second wind, cracking Casanova with an enziguiri… Casanova goes for another superkick, but Zayne blocks it and ended up planting Casanova with a Northern Lights suplex onto the edge of the ring. An Asai moonsault follows as I continue to curse the single camera view, before Casanova capitalised on a missed shooting star press and responded with a La Magistral. A double-underhood driver’s good for a near-fall, before Casanova leaps past Zayne and ends up taking a Taco Driver (a pumphandle driver)… following up with shooting star knees (called the Crunch Wrap).

Cam Zagami distracts the ref for long enough for Casanova to kick out at two, before Christian scored the win with a roll-up with his feet on the ropes. Casanova cheats to win, and it’s another decent match as Alex Zayne continues to get his name out there. ***

KTB vs. Erick Stevens
Stevens was back in action a day after winning and losing the IWTV title at Black Label Pro…

They start with the big lads shoulder tackles, with KTB taking down Stevens originally before a shoulder charge in the corner and a diving elbow getting a near-fall early on. KTB stops an O’Connor roll but gets taken outside for a tope as one guy was caught on hard cam blissfully unawares.

KTB’s taken back in for a Fireman’s carry, but Stevens gets blinded with a handful of sand, like Yokozuna at WrestleMania 9 as a follow-up Quebrada got a near-fall. Very much, unlike Yokozuna. Stevens makes a comeback, tossing KTB into the turnbuckles… but KTB’s back, catching Stevens in the corner and throwing him down with a release Samoan drop that had commentary worried about another concussion for Stevens.

KTB looks to capitalise, taking Stevens back up top… but Erick slips out and lands a German suplex off the top, only to get caught with a sitout powerbomb as KTB wouldn’t stay down. Stevens fights back with a flurry of elbows, before a rolling elbow and the End of Heartache put away KTB. A hell of a hoss fight, with some scary stuff… but this was a grand little scrap. ***½

Erick Stevens got the mic and challenged Warhorse to a rematch for the IWTV title at a future Beyond show.

Anthony Greene & The Platinum Hunnies (Angel Sinclair & Ava Everett) vs. Shark Boy & Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)
This was under “beach rules”, and I guess one of the teams made sense here.

Seagulls are circling the ring at the start of this match, as Shark Boy begins by trading wristlocks with Greene. Shark Boy finds a hammerlock, but Greene gets to the ropes as those gulls were proving problematic. Greene caught Shark Boy with some right hands, then a clothesline in the corner for a two-count, before Shark Boy snuck in with a neckbreaker for a quick cover.

Ava Everett tagged in, as did Delmi Exo, which led to a nice spinning neckbreaker from Exo for just a one-count. Everett tries to block some dancing as Ashley Vox comes in, only for the Sea Stars to get pulled into each other. Angel Sinclair’s in next with hip attacks, only to get tripped as Vox looked for a surfboard. Greene comes in to Baywatch it for the save, but Vox just punches him back to full speed.

Everett and Sinclair double-team Vox with some hip attacks for a near-fall, before Greene came in to lead some karaoke as finally this crowd comes through loud and clear. Vox slips out of a slam from Greene, looking to fish-hook him instead before Angel Sinclair came in for a sand-assisted hip attack. Oof. A leaping knee-assisted Samoan drop from the Hunnies almost gets the win, but Vox is right back with a neckbreaker slam. Greene misses a Bronco buster in the corner as Shark Boy tagged back in, dropping Greene with a Thesz press as he went all Stone Cold, following up with mounted punches and a bulldog for a near-fall. Sinclair comes in to slap, but she just gets her arse bitten before the Hunnies got taken down with topes from the Sea Stars. That left Shark Boy behind to almost get superkicked out of his mask, as everyone headed into the sea, with Greene diving over a barrier to continue things.

Meanwhile, the hard cam zooms out as we barely see anything as someone went into the sea. Everyone rushes back, as Greene takes a Stunner while the drenched Ashley Vox leapt in with a back senton to Greene for the win. Editing issues for the finish aside, this was a fun trios match, as Anthony Greene’s Retro-bution tour took another bump in the road. **¾

Sand gets everywhere.

John Silver vs. Kimber Lee
Silver charges out of the gates, dropkicking and dumping Kimber Lee with a brainbuster for a two-count as we almost had a quick quick squash!

A wild tope takes Kimber Lee down on the outside, as the hard camera panned back to show our commentary crew… and John Silver laying out a towel so he could slam Kimber Lee through it! Back in the ring, Kimber hot shots Silver on the ropes before a big PK on the outside and a senton off the apron found its mark. Some towel whipping adds insult as Kimber Lee rolls Silver back in for a two-count, but Silver finds a way in with some chops. Kimber’s got some of her own, but she’s again taken down for kicks to the back, which she gives instant receipts from. Back-and-forth kicks send Kimber into the ropes ahead of a rack bomb, but she kicks out at two and lands a powerbomb of her own, before she senton bombs into Silver’s knees.

More kicks from Silver looked to lead to the win, but Kimber Lee caught Silver out of nowhere with an Alligator Clutch, and that’s enough for the win! A hell of a sprint, as Silver got caught on the hop. ***¼

Who’s Jerry?

IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship: Warhorse (c) vs. DL Hurst vs. Wheeler Yuta
Warhorse is defending his newly-won IWTV title less than 24 hours after winning it in the Turbo Graps final.

A dropkick from Warhorse got rid of Hurst early, as Yuta looked to end things early, dropping the champion with a German suplex before he changed focus and tope’d into Hurst on the outside. That looked to bloody up Hurst’s nose, but he’s back in with a death valley driver to Warhorse, only for Yuta to break that up with a Magistral cradle as Yuta tried to sneak a win. Hurst’s roll-up nearly pins Yuta, as Warhorse found a way back in with a missile dropkick and some running clotheslines to both opponents in the corner. A back senton from Hurst drops Warhorse ahead of a Dominator… but Yuta breaks up the cover and stays around to drop Warhorse with an Olympic slam for a near-fall. The Yutagatame’s next, but Warhorse drags his way to the ropes for a break.

A Spanish fly from Hurst to Yuta forces Warhorse to break the cover, which led to Hurst and Warhorse trading chops. Warhorse’s half-nelson suplex drops Hurst, before he took out Yuta outside with a tope, allowing Warhorse to put away Hurst with a double-stomp. Another enjoyable sprint, which left enough of a trail to make you think they’re going to do Yuta/Warhorse at some point down the line. ***¼

Tornado Match: Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry)
A rematch from episode 10 of Uncharted Territory’s first season back in June… except this time its under tornado rules. Prepare for war, as the former Bear Beefcake’s apparently switched his name.

Team Tremendous rush the wing as the wrestling policemen are now decidedly plain clothed. Bear Country charge down Carr with a double shoulder tackle, before Bronson hit a nice tope into the pair on the outside. Boulder and Bronson brawl with Bill Carr on the outside, and lose sight of Dan Barry’s flip senton into the sand, as Team Tremendous took over back inside. A slingshot stomp from Barry drills through Bronson, as Team Tremendous made use of the tornado rules… utilising double-team as Bronson was trapped in his own corner. Bronson tries to fight back, but he’s caught with a Bossman slam and a Quebrada from Carr and Barry respectively for a near-fall.

Boulder makes a comeback, catching Barry and shoving him back into Carr before he slammed them into each other once more. Bronson’s back senton flattens them before Barry got powerbombed onto his own man, as Bear Country stood tall… The momentum swings wildly as Bear Country hit a backpack cannonball into a cornered Carr, but Dan Barry’s in to score a roll-up to break up an Elevator Drop. With the ref distracted by Bronson outside, Bill Carr punts Boulder low, before Team Tremendous piled on for the win. A wacky finish, as it looks like those teams will war over the tag of “ace”. ***

Kenn Doane vs. Chris Dickinson
Doane’s back with Club Cam, still looking like he’s a bit of a loose cannon.

Doane tries to chuck a water bottle at Dickinson, which starts a fight, turning this into an unexpected follow-up to last week’s Bloodsport! They go back to regulation stuff, with Dickinson wildly swinging lariats at Doane, who ducked them before the Dirty Daddy caught a float-over… only to get caught as Doane tried win with a roll-up and a handful of tights. Dickinson kicked out, as Doane scurried outside. An upper wristlock from Dickinson begins to see him dictate the pace, before he charged through Doane with a series of shoulder tackles as a stalling suplex caused the former Spirit Squad man some trouble. The momentum continues with an overhead belly-to-belly as Dickinson looks for a Pazuzu bomb… but Christian Casanova gets involved to save Doane from a Pazuzu bomb as the tables turn.

Casanova gets involved again, choking away on Dickinson before a back elbow dropped Dickinson for a near-fall. Stomps keep Dickinson down, as does a dropkick, this time sending Dickinson outside into the sand. Rolling Dickinson back in to make a cover only gets Doane a two-count, as Dickinson begins to make a comeback, chopping Kenny into the corner. More interference from Casanova gets spotted… but rather than it lead to a DQ, the referee just ejects everyone.

Angry, Dickinson heads outside and throws Zagami into the ring, so he can watch him drop Doane with a death valley driver. Casanova tries to get involved too, but he’s caught with a superplex as Dickinson looked to get him some of Cam… eventually Pazuzu Bombing Cam out of the ring. Doane’s back in and wrapped up Doane in a Trailer Hitch for the eventual submission. A pretty good hoss fight, as Dickinson continues the momentum he’d built earlier in the year. ***½

Dickinson gets the mic afterwards, but he’s interrupted by Wheeler Yuta, who tried to talk up Dickinson and how he built himself up for the Sekimoto match a few months back. That idiot who said “steroids” got rightfully chewed out… Yuta steers it back on course as he challenged Dickinson to a match at the season premier of Uncharted Territory. That’ll rule.

Josh Briggs vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman
This was MJF’s final match in Beyond, as a long-running feud with Briggs came to an end.

Friedman played keepaway with Briggs before the intros, before MJF had Rich Palladino tell the crowd he’s glad that this was his last time in front of “hipsters”. I mean… I’m sure there’s some among the AEW crowds? From the opening lock-up, Briggs shoves MJF outside for some stalling, before MJF took the big man into the corner and… missed a cheapshot. There’s a bunch of moves attempted, with Briggs going for a Pedigree while MJF went for Cross Rhodes, as these guys alluded to “things”. Stuff evolves, you know?

MJF tries to poke the eye as Briggs went for M5 chokebreakers, but Friedman again powders outside as we have a chase around the sand! Yeah, the hard cam isn’t able to catch it, as he tries to suffocate MJF with a bag before some sandy chops followed. They head towards commentary, but an eye rake from MJF led to Briggs chopping the ring post. Twice. Poor vision. Back in the ring, MJF sprays sun tan lotion in Briggs’ face, as the big man struggles to see… so he charges into the ring post as MJF bragged about it all. Back rakes follow as MJF looked to wear down Briggs every which way, before using an armbar in the middle of the ring. An overhead suplex is next for a near-fall on Briggs, as Briggs continued to get worn down with what looked like a sleeperhold.

Briggs fights back, falling backwards to break the hold, but MJF hands up Briggs’ arm in the ropes before the big man hit back with a Calaway Clothesline. Big boots trap MJF in the corner ahead of a Go To Hell for a near-fall, only for MJF to go back to the arm with a leaping stomp. Another poke to the eye stops Briggs, who manages to find his mark with some boots, but MJF’s straight back in with a cross armbreaker, with Briggs tantalisingly close to the ropes. Finally, Briggs powerbombs his way free, which looked to lead to a double KO, but both men beat the ten count as they continued to slug it out. Fists from MJF sent Briggs into the corner, but Briggs responds in kind before MJF teased a Cross Rhodes… then backdropped out of a Pedigree before finally landing Cross Rhodes!

Briggs kicks out at ONE from that though, and ends up planting MJF with a Pedigree for another one-count. Your big league finishers don’t work here, guys! MJF spits at Briggs as he pulled himself up to his feet, only to be met with a chokebomb… and that’s it! MJF brought his best, but ultimately goes out on his back as Beyond’s beach show came to a rather sudden end. Yep, Briggs calls for a mic, but the show cuts off before we hear what he was about to say… ***½

Beyond’s first show since the end of Uncharted Territory was certainly different – it’s been a long while since I’ve seen an outdoor indie show that wasn’t all death match-ey (yes, I know Riptide literally did one last month, but I’ve not seen that yet!) The downside to the open air ambience was that all but the loudest crowd reactions dissipated into the air… so if you’re of the kind that badly needs a hot crowd to help you get into shows… you may struggle here.

As for the rest, well, it was business as usual as Beyond put on a show that will eventually be easy to watch. Yeah, the hard cam-only feed misses a few things, with anything on the mat or in the crowd leaving you relying on commentary to keep you up to speed. Wait for the full edit if this sort of thing bothers you, but otherwise this was a fine warm-up for Beyond as their summer holiday comes to an end, with Uncharted Territory kicking off again this coming Thursday!

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