Our latest bunch of news bits going into WrestleMania week. With virtually no WrestleMania references!

NEWS: Something we left out of the last news update for spoiler reasons… EVE have a new champion, and her name is Kay Lee Ray. The match wasn’t advertised ahead of time, but saw the number one contender unseat Nina Samuels on the second of EVE’s shows this month, “She Slams On Saturdays”. Both of EVE’s shows from the start of the month are online now, as is our review of that title change…

NEWS: Sadie Gibbs has signed with All Elite Wrestling – that’s a somewhat surprising move given that in the recent past, she was interesting WWE, and had been reportedly sent away to get experience before being signed. It was a similar sort of deal to the one that Luke Menzies had… with Luke of course now being signed to NXT.

NEWS: Expect to hear a lot of news in the coming weeks and months about “AEW are registering *trademark here*” – Cody Rhodes revealed that most of the trademarks he’s going for probably aren’t going to be used by AEW, but are only being registered to “get some of Dad’s cattle back”. Pro Wrestling EVE had jokingly asked Cody to not send any cease and desists for their use of the Battle Bowl name (which he’s also trademarking)… but if Twitter’s admissible, he’s given them the go ahead to keep using it.

NEWS: Chuck Mambo was added to the Pancakes & Piledrivers 3 show on the Saturday morning of WrestleMania weekend. The Wrestling Revolver – the promotion hosting the show – held a poll on Sunday evening to ask fans who they wanted to see replacing PAC in the match against Rich Swann. Of the options – Mambo, Trey Miguel and Ace Austin – Chuck had such a surge of support that the Revolver called off the poll and gave him the match against the current Impact and former WWE star.

NEWS: Allie and Sadie Gibbs are the latest signees for AEW – Gibbs’ signing was reported by Dave Meltzer a couple of weeks ago, whilst the signing of Allie, previously with Impact, was revealed in a YouTube video to build up May’s Double or Nothing PPV.

UPCOMING: GOOD Wrestling announced they’ll be running a double-header on July 20th, called GOOD Stock. Tickets for the afternoon and evening are on sale now…

NEWS: More names were added to the field for Super Strong Style 16. Paul Robinson and Daga became the 11th and 12th names in the line-up, that already included Travis Banks, Ilja Dragunov, Trevor Lee, Aerostar, Artemis Spencer, DJZ, Jordan Devlin, Chris Ridgeway, Chris Brookes and Darby Allin. Two of David Starr or Connor Mills, and Lucky Kid or Tristan Archer joined pack after their matches at PROGRESS’ show in Camden yesterday. We’ll avoid spoilers here!

NEWS: The Spotlight podcast has moved away from the Indy Corner and has now become a part of GRAPPL. No, you can’t access them on the GRAPPL app (yet), but you can find them below on their new Podbean page – so make sure to re-subscribe!

ICYMI: Our backlog has meant that we’re not able to cover IPW’s TV show for the time being, but the last few weeks of shows have kept up the same sort of pace, albeit with a change of commentary as Dean Ayass joined Ricky Slatter at the desk. It’s a welcome change, but unfortunately it only lasted for the two episodes from Canterbury before reverting back to just Ricky for their final three episodes of this run.

UPCOMING: WWE have confirmed that over WrestleMania weekend they’ll be taping content for upcoming episodes of NXT UK, and for upcoming Network “Worlds Collide” specials. If you’re going, the NXT UK tapings will be on April 6, running from 8am-12 noon, 1pm-5pm and 6pm-10pm, just in case you’d prefer NXT UK TV over, say, the Hall of Fame or New Japan.

NEWS: The Tivoli is sadly no more – photos posted on Twitter have shown the legendary former home of OTT being torn down throughout March. Last October’s Defiant 2 would end up being the final show at the Tiv, with OTT sadly lacking a home base as they’ve been flitting around Dublin for shows ever since.