Late on Saturday night, UFC let the cat out of the bag… Brock Lesnar’s coming back. For one night only.

Now, we don’t cover much UFC or MMA in general on this website, but this is a quasi-wrestling news story in that WWE has given their blessing to Brock Lesnar fight at next month’s UFC 200 pay-per-view, against an opponent to be named on Monday.

Given that WWE’s had to OK this, you’d wager that they’d have some involvement on the choice of opponent for Brock. WWE’s already advertising that Lesnar will be back at SummerSlam, and you’d think in a high-profile storyline – so it wouldn’t make too much sense for Lesnar to come back and lose… but at the same time, Lesnar isn’t coming back to face Joe Schmoe, or any other guy with a 0-0 record. If this show hadn’t been in Las Vegas, then perhaps, but given that a) it’s a heavily commissioned state and b) it’s on UFC’s latest “Biggest Card Ever”.

Seven years ago, at UFC 100, Lesnar beat Frank Mir in their second match, but given that Mir’s likely to be suspended following a drug test failure, you have to wonder who’s going to get the call in what is the latest of wacky news stories in a year that has already produced a myriad of sensational stories.