Time to dust off the podcast feed as Mike Kilby from EuroGraps.com joins us for a look at 16 Carat Gold 2022 – the first big wXw wrestling weekender since the pandemic.

Ian and Mike take a look through everything that was announced as of February 25 – so the big wXw announcement isn’t talked about here… that being that the first halves of the first and last nights of Carat, in addition to Saturday’s Ambition card, will be posted “near live” with English commentary on wXw NOW. Since we’re extremely professional, we forgot to plug our stuff at the end… follow us on Twitter – we’re bound to be posting about Carat from Essen and Oberhausen next weekend:

Website: backbodydrop.com / eurograps.com / You can also catch Mike on the Groundhoppers Guide on YouTube over at tinyurl.com/groundhoppersfootball

Twitter: @bigbackbodydrop / @IanWrestling / @MikeKilby

Instagram: @backbodydrop / @MikeKilby

Intro music: Disko King Franky feat. die Goldenen Reiter – “Carat ist nur einmal im Jahr” (edited)

Outro music: Sirius Beat – “My Story”

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