After what felt like forever since the initial launch documentary was released, the crew behind This.Is.PROGRESS have launched their Kickstarter for the feature-length version.

Asking for £25,000, the crew have amassed over a third of their goal within the first 36 hours, with a variety of rewards ranging from a simple shoutout on social media, to screening tickets, to t-shirts, and the already-taken rewards of an entrance on a PROGRESS show (no word on whether you’ll have to avoid certain songs!) and two-hour training sessions with Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskin or Matt Riddle.

Those poor sods who PAID to be tortured for two hours…

Anyway, the Kickstarter for the feature length is live and they’re hoping to turn that 20-minute long short into something much more in-depth and fully featured. A production that showcases the promotion, it’s wrestlers and it’s fans, along with how (at their best) all three groups work together in harmony to produce one of the hottest indy promotions out there.

The documentary promises to feature topics such as the growth of women’s wrestling within the promotion – which led some to credit PROGRESS for the, erm, progress of women’s wrestling in the UK; how PROGRESS grew without a TV deal, to the point where they’ve fostered a relationship with WWE (to the chagrin of some), and so much more. As with every Kickstarter, there’s benefits if you donate a certain amount, and whilst we’ve covered the insane ones, like training with some of PROGRESS’ stars, there’s the usual ones like having your name in the credits, dinner with Jim, Jon and Glen, posters, copies of the soundtrack, as well as access to the digital download of the feature before release.

If you’re on the fence, the short version is still up on YouTube, and the Kickstarter is open for the entire month of May for those who want to chip in… whether it’s for a digital download, a home screening, or to go nuts and give yourself an executive producer credit. Ardent PROGRESS fans were among the first to chip in – and based on the short, you probably should too.

THIS.IS.PROGRESS – Kickstarter page