Shotgun returns – with some edits – as we find out just what happened when Absolute Andy defended the tag team titles.

After a week off, Shotgun is back. To recap the relevant news, wXw held off releasing this show last week after they cut ties with Julian Pace and Jay Skillet in light of allegations made towards them. wXw’s gone so far as to even remove Pace’s entrance video from their YouTube. Anyway, wXw’s made the call to edit out every segment featuring Pace or Skillet from the remaining episodes of Shotgun – which means we’re getting shorter shows, as Pace was due to wrestle three matches. That means this episode is about twenty minutes shorter than originally planned, and we’ll be seeing more cuts in the coming episodes. You can catch this show over on – the subscription is $11 a month, and includes a lot of the wXw back catalog, along with shows from other promotions.

Quick Results:
Killer Kelly submitted Baby Allison in 3:00 (**¾)
Pretty Bastard (Prince Ahura & Maggot) pinned Absolute Andy and an unknown mystery partner to win the wXw tag team titles (NR) (only the finish was shown)

Dennis Birkendahl opens up the show with a to-camera piece to sum up the changes we mentioned above. It seems like Pace was meant to have been involved with Bobby Gunns and the Pretty Bastards – and all of those segments have also been dropped. Change is needed.

We open with a recap of Norman Harras badgering Absolute Andy into defending the wXw tag team titles. He’ll be needing a new permanent partner after this… Sebastian Hollmichel runs down the line-up, and we go… To Alpha Kevin getting attacked by EZEL a few weeks ago, only for Mike Schwarz to chase them away with a broom. Not to worry, Metehan beat Kevin later that night, and we go to Kevin and Mike outside. Kevin’s gotten some more chicken, but Mike needs to go for some drinks… that means Kevin gets spooked when Melanie comes up behind him. She’s fed up of chicken, it seems.

Kevin tells Melanie about the EZEL attack, but before he can offer her his chicken, EZEL attack again, with Abdul and Aytac double-teaming Kevin by the park bench before they threw him through some handily-placed pallets of wood.

— Previously: Alexander James tries to tell Killer Kelly to push more for her career…

Baby Allison vs. Killer Kelly
Last time there were shows, Killer Kelly turned down a shot at Amale’s wXw Women’s championship – and instead handed off the shot to Stephanie Maze (all of which came around because of Melanie Gray’s knee injury – heal up soon!). So Kelly’s back on the path to try and earn her shot.

We get going with a lock-up as Kelly forced Allison down into a splits… but it had no effect. A PK did though! Forearms and knees from Kelly trap Allison into the corner, ahead of a wild bicycle kick that gets a near-fall. Ground and pound sees Kelly target the back of Allison, before more forearms take Allison into the corner, as the referee tried to force a separation. All of that gave Allison time to compose herself, as she caught Kelly with a spear off the middle rope for a near-fall. Some mudhole stomping and a stinkface followed in the corner, before Allison Matrix’d out of a clothesline as she got under Kelly’s skin. Kelly responds with the Timothy Thatcher paintbrush-like slaps as she followed up with suplexes to Allison and a cross-chop to boot.

From there, Kelly looks for Vale da Morte, but Allison counters into an Octopus-like stretch, before Kelly came back with a series of wrist-control clotheslines. Allison ducks one and licks Kelly, which earns her an elbow to the side of the head, before Kelly mounted and dragged Allison to the mat in a Dragon sleeper for the win. Very short, but a fun squash with a lot of intensity. Allison looked good for her brief offence – but there’s work needed on this women’s division. **¾

We’re told that Alpha Kevin is out of the Himmelschloß segment later…

Backstage, Vincent Heisenberg is in talks with Avalanche, who doesn’t care if he’s part of the Academy or not, if he’s got the heart. Heisenberg’s facing Marius al-Ani next week, and is given some advice: don’t try and outlast Marius. Use strength, not stamina.

Also next week, we’ve got a Shotgun title tournament semi-final! Hektor Invictus vs. The Rotation. I’ve a feeling there was an Andy and Skillet segment chopped that would have announced that…

Das Himmelschloß with Levaniel
Levaniel tells us he’s spoken with Amale via Skype as he’s trying to build a long-distance relationship in his mind. In the meantime, he’s going to take care of her business in Germany, before he moves to his guest.

This week, it’s “someone who needs help and support with love,” and he’s going to play agony uncle to… Melanie Gray. Levaniel brings up the last time he was in a ring with Melanie – it ended badly because it allowed Melanie to wrestle in Oberhausen again. One day… Levaniel reckons she won with “luck,” before she asks Melanie how she’s doing. She’s still a little jarred over having to watch Kevin getting beaten up earlier, but Levaniel just ignores it, because “Kevin landed some hits against me” in Bielefeld.

Melanie’s here while the doctors work on Kevin, and she’s getting more and more agitated by the entire situation. Mike Schwarz comes out now he’s back with booze, as he tries to cheer up Melanie with some Artilleriefeuer – a local Oberhausen schnapps. Levaniel’s offered, but he tries to back out because he’s a vegan, but Schwarz pours out some double shots as they all take a drink.

…and we have a screenshot that sums up a lot of 2020 so far. Levaniel throws to commercials, because the Artilleriefeuer was just too much for him. They recover, but Schwarz demands Levaniel takes a “punishment Atti” as the on-air hazing continues. Levaniel’s a bit tipsy for Schwarz takes over, issuing a challenge – him and Kevin against EZEL when he’s cleared to wrestle. They down some more shots, and we fade away… and then return from commercial to Levaniel getting mouthy with Mike Schwarz, only to get chokeslammed. The kid will learn one day.

We then get the finish of the wXw World tag team title match – the rest of the match has been consigned to history due to wXw having to make some edits…

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Absolute Andy (c) vs. Pretty Bastards (Prince Ahura & Maggot)
Literally all we see is Andy going for the F5 on Maggot, but it’s countered into a roll-up for the win, as we close out the show with the Bastards celebrating with their belts.

Unfortunately, this episode of Shotgun was gutted by wXw editing out those who have since been released by the company – and as much as I’d say how unfortunate the timing is, it’s completely understandable. At least they were able to show something to switch the tag titles on the show, but judging by what wXw has said has been edited out, it looks like the remainder of this run of Shotgun may be suffering from some missing parts of the puzzle. Still, for old-school Shotgun fans, the segments on show here are worth tuning in for – particularly if you ever wanted to learn about the effects of local Oberhausen liqueurs!