Our final Catch Grand Prix match of the week is a top-of-the-table clash as Marius al-Ani looks to extend his unbeaten run and take out a challenger as he faces Senza Volto.

Once more, we’ve got Vincent Heisenberg on the preview panel with Dään Jokisch and Nico Schmidt. Vincent’s nuggets of wisdom today saw him put over Marius’ long winning streak, while suggesting that Senza should “avoid risks at all costs.” Foreshadowing.

Backstage, Andy Jackson’s with Senza once more, who addresses the must-win situation he’s now in after losing to Tristan Archer last week. Senza’s confident he can break the streak, and that he’ll win the block… Marius, of course, isn’t so sure. He reckons that his streak – which started against Daniel Makabe back in March – will continue, even though he put over Volto a little by saying that he took him seriously. Even if it’s only because of the stakes.

Catch Grand Prix 2020 – Block B: Marius al-Ani vs. Senza Volto
Round 1: Senza looked to tweak his knee as he rolled into the ring in his entrance, and you better believe Marius is going to go after that. Senza starts with a roll-up as he tried to end things quickly, but al-Ani takes him into the corner and boses away, forcing the referee to dish out a €20 fine as he separated them. Volto comes back with chops but a kick’s caught as al-Ani elbows Senza’s knees, then went back to work in the corner with right hands before a wheelbarrow roll-up turned it around for Volto. Senza kicks out the knee of Marius, but al-Ani is back up… and sent outside with a springboard ‘rana, before he swats away a dive from Volto. Marius then leaps on Senza’s injury, wrapping a leg around the ring post for the obvious yellow card, before he leapt on the leg back inside. A half crab follows, but Senza gets to the ropes quickly, only to get pulled away as Marius ties him up in almost a Lasso from El Paso, with Volto again making the ropes. Marius kicks the knee again, but couldn’t follow up as the round ends… and Senza’s in deep trouble.

Round 2: al-Ani charges Volto into the corner at the bell as it’s back to the body blows. Some knees wreck Senza in the corner, before a big boot is caught, with Senza countering with an enziguiri. The Eiffel Tower’s attempted, but Marius blocked it, and after a back suplex was flipped out of, he powerbombed the Frenchman for a two-count. From the kick-out though, Marius grabs the ankle lock, and there’s your submission. How cruel for Senza Volto, with a knee injury during his entrance pretty much ruining his chances of making the final… and now it’s a final-week shoot-out between al-Ani and Tristan Archer.

Result: Marius al-Ani submitted Senza Volto at 1:16 of Round 2 (**¾)

Post-match, Marius gloats about his efficient win, and his 14-match winning run as this block is now his to lose. Marius is perhaps a little overconfident though as he brings up how Tristan Archer lost to Vincent Heisenberg…

As for Senza, he’s hobbling and leaning on Nico Schmidt as he’s asked for his future plans. Senza’s upset about crashing out, but it’s been a hell of a run after what was a shaky start in wXw earlier in the summer.

Standings, with eliminations (including those who’d be eliminated on tie-breakers)…

Block A
Metehan (4-1; 8pts)
Avalanche, Bobby Gunns, Cara Noir (3-1-1; 7pts) * Avalanche leads in tie-breakers
Fast Time Moodo (2-4; 4pts) * eliminated
Hektor Invictus (1-3-1; 3pts) * eliminated
Anil Marik (0-5; 0pts) * eliminated

Block B
Marius al-Ani (5-0; 10pts)
Tristan Archer (4-1; 8pts)
Senza Volto (4-2; 8pts) * eliminated
Prince Ahura (2-3; 4pts) * eliminated
Norman Harras; Vincent Heisenberg; Emil Sitoci (1-4; 2pts) * eliminated

Disciplinary: €3985 of fines; twenty-nine yellow cards and one red card.

We’re not done though, as we have the latest instalment in the battle of block A to close out the show, as Bobby Gunns is angry at Metehan for going against the plan. Norman Harras notes that Bobby didn’t exactly hold up his end of the deal, which Gunns handwaves as him “not being a tournament guy.” Problem is, we can’t get the draw now, so that match on Wednesday has fresh importance as Norman is out of ideas… but Bobby seemingly isn’t, as we crash to the credits.

Next week is finals week, with the following matches (in order, from Monday): Cara Noir vs. Hektor Invictus, Avalanche vs. Anil Marik, Bobby Gunns vs. Metehan, Emil Sitoci vs. Prince Ahura, Norman Harras vs. Vincent Heisenberg and finally Tristan Archer vs. Marius al-Ani. That originally-released schedule didn’t mention when the finals themselves would be…