In at number two on wXw’s best of 2005 – we’re going Back to the Roots for El Generico vs. Super Dragon!

As ever, Andy Jackson introduces the match. Super Dragon was known for, as Andy put it, “spamming moves”, while el Generico would go on to disappear into charity work several years after this.

PWG Championship – wXw Cruiserweight Tournament First Round: El Generico vs. Super Dragon (c)
We get the “Super Dragon” chants at the bell, thankfully, no air horns, as the pair lock up… going into the corner for a quick break. Oh, and a blistering chop. Don’t forget that.

Armdrags ensue as Generico confounded Super Dragon ahead of a leg lariat, sending the other masked man outside… with Generico faking out a dive as he rolled back into the ring. Super Dragon returns to chop Generico, then catch a front kick before some headscissors out of the corner took Generico down.

Generico’s quickly back with an armdrag out of the corner, before a second springboard armdrag saw Generico get booted onto the apron. Dragon grounds Generico with Figure Four headscissors, which end in the ropes as they slowed the pace a little. More chops in the corner follow, then a snap, floatover suplex led to an armbar that quickly ends in the ropes.

Generico’s taken outside for a monster tope con giro, before they returned to the ring as a Romero special stretched out Generico. Super Dragon flips him back into the ropes, then made a cover, before he looked to tear away at Generico’s mask. Recovering, El Generico goes for a baseball slide, but Super Dragon swiftly counters into a Gedo Clutch for a near-fall before an Axel Dieter Special trapped Generico near the ropes.

Dragon has to keep kicking out as Generico rolls back on him, before they head back into the corner as Super Dragon lit up Generico with more chops. A boot out of the corner from Generico leads to Super Dragon missing a charge, sending himself sailing outside ahead of a Sasuke special.

Back inside, Generico comes close from a crossbody off the top, before he telegraphed a brainbuster… and instead hits a sitout tombstone/Michinoku driver on Dragon for a two-count. Another exchange leads to rolling German suplexes from Super Dragon, which turn into a Tiger suplex for a two-count, then a buckle bomb as Super Dragon chose to roll El Generico into the middle of the ring for a STF.

The ropes save Generico there, and he’s able to comeback with a springboard tornado DDT for a quick two-count. A superplex is pushed away by Super Dragon, who opts to hit a springboard spinning heel kick back in for a near-fall, before more chops in the corner, then Kawada kicks fired Generico back up.

An Ole kick in the corner traps Dragon, ahead of an Exploder into the buckles… a quick Tiger suplex followed for a two-count as Generico pushed on, only to get caught with a spin-out back superplex for a near-fall. Dragon heads back up, but Generico pops up and eventually lands a brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle to take Dragon back outside.

Bringing Dragon back inside leads to Generico’s downfall though as he’s quickly met with a pair of clotheslines, before a Psycho Driver gets the win. This was exactly as advertised at the top – spotty, with lots of rapid-fire stuff that worked, and some that perhaps did not age too well 16 years on, but nevertheless, a worthy match for this spot on the list.

Result: Super Dragon pinned El Generico in 18:39 (***¾)