Continuing our monthly look at subscription boxes, we’re back to take a look at September’s UK version of the WrestleCrate!


Once again, the PROGRESS theme continues, but first we start with a miniature Funko Pop! figure, of WWE Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior. Depending on your liking for these figurines, this may be a love-or-hate inclusion, but I personally like this depiction of the Warrior, so a thumbs up from the start!


This month only has one t-shirt, and it’s a Japanese-inspired design, with “STRONG STYLE” written in white on the red shirt. Basic, but again it’s not something that yells “wrestling!”, which is always a plus.


We get two DVDs this month: a best of Jack Gallagher, featuring matches from FutureShock Wrestling, and another PROGRESS item: “PROGRESS PICK: 2015”, featuring the Natural PROGRESSion Series 2 final and the first Super Strong Style 16 finals, along with the monumental Jimmy Havoc vs. Will Ospreay title match. Even if you’ve seen all of these before, there’s new content on the DVD, so well worth a watch… and if you haven’t seen them before, there’s even a code for a free month of


The mug coaster series returns with a comic-book sketch of a curb stomp, whilst we get a WWE Sticker Book. Finally, the box is wrapped up with two signed prints: one being a photo of HT Drake (probably best known from WhatCulture’s wrestling group, and a litany of promotions around the North of England), and some artwork for Jack Gallagher.


WrestleCrate UK subscriptions can be purchased via – as with the Slobberknocker Box, you select a shirt size, but they don’t offer children’s sizes – and then you get the choice between “standard” (at £11.99) and “ultimate” (at £21.99). Typically the standard boxes will include a t-shirt, a DVD and a print, amongst other stuff, whilst the deluxe boxes will give you a second, different, shirt, print and DVD.

The website contains full pricing and shipping details, and also lists the cut-off point for each month – typically the cut-off point is around the 12th of the month, and boxes dispatch around two weeks later.