We complete our look at this month’s boxes, with October’s UK WrestleCrate.

This month is a bit of a mixed bag, with no PROGRESS tie-in, and it doesn’t seem like there’s an overall theme.


We start with another Funko Pop figure, this month of Roman Reigns. Roman’s an extremely polarising figure in wrestling to say the least, but unless you really don’t like him and the Funko style of figures, I’d say it’s a decent addition.


This month’s ultimate crate again features two t-shirts: the first one is a cool psychedelic design inspired by AJ Styles, with a hypnotic blue and white design with a silhouette of Styles launching into the Phenomenal Forearm.


Our second shirt is one that may go over a few people’s heads: “MAKING TOWNS”. It’s a nice, 80s inspired design, and one that would be best suited to wrestlers more than fans, but it’s definitely something I can see myself wearing.


The WrestleCrate coaster series continues with a cartoon of Dean Ambrose – and with one more left in the quartet, I’m wondering how the Shield motif will continue. Perhaps the triple powerbomb?


DVD-wise, we’ve got a Best of CHIKARA’s UK Tour set, featuring matches from CHIKARA’s tour of (yep) the UK from earlier this year. There’s a lot of Heidi Lovelace in there, so if you’re a fan, it’ll be right up your street.


Finally, there’s two bits of artwork: one is the usual photo, and this month it’s a signed 8×10 of TNA’s Drew Galloway… and then there’s an unsigned print, but a really spooky-looking one, of Shinsuke Nakamura! The red motif really works well, and it’s definitely something I could see adorning many a wall.

WrestleCrate UK subscriptions can be purchased via http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk/ – you select a t-shirt size, and then you’re able to choose between the “standard” (at £11.99) and “ultimate” crates (at £21.99). Typically the standard boxes will include a t-shirt, a DVD and a print, amongst other stuff, whilst the deluxe boxes will give you a second, different, shirt, print and DVD.

The website contains full pricing and shipping details, and also lists the cut-off point for each month – typically the cut-off point is around the 12th of the month, and boxes dispatch around two weeks later.