Would a new year lead to new fortunes… or would 2018 yield a familiar story as David Starr and WALTER entered the Starworks?

February 23, 2018 – Fight Club: Pro – A Tribute To Francois Trebec – David Starr vs. WALTER
In true Fight Club Pro spirit, this wasn’t an announced match for their “Tribute to Francois Trebec” show, and was just labelled “an international singles match”, with David Starr out first… followed by a loud gasp when WALTER emerged. I wonder if anyone thought it was going to be Hans Krueger? Someone in the front row picked a good night to wear their RINGKAMPF scarf to a cold Wolverhampton too…

WALTER is aggressive from the off, charging Starr into the corner, but this was a Starr that knew a lot more about WALTER. Not that that could help against the Austrian’s power, as he hoisted him up into a powerbomb before dumping him in the ropes. A try at a shoulder tackle fails as WALTER gets the upper hand there too, before he’s tripped as Starr tries to work the arm. Instead, Starr has to use his agility to avoid an early chop, low-bridging the Austrian to the outside as he excitedly baited WALTER in like a puppy. Starr tries to duck and move as he… charges into WALTER, and there’s our first chop. Thanks for coming! A vicious back elbow keeps Starr down for a two-count, as the Product tried to bait him down onto the mat… to little avail, as WALTER stuffs a takedown and just hammers in with forearms and stomps instead.

Starr tries to play the chopping game. Yeah. That went badly. VERY BADLY. What happened to learning as you go along?! Someone played ringbell dot mp3 as WALTER grabbed a wristlock, but it didn’t faze him as he continued to wrench away with chops, before dumping Starr with the RINGKAMPF German and a butterfly suplex… only for the Product to be too close to the ropes for a pin to be countered.

Starr keeps trying for chops. WHY MAN?! WHY?! WALTER’s just bring him to his knees, as the Austrian looked to get the win by a standing ten count. It doesn’t happen, as Starr gets back and teases a RINGKAMPF German of his own, only to get booted in the face so hard he falls to the outside. It’s almost child’s play for WALTER, who knocks Starr back outside… but that just produces a Defiant Product, flipping off der Ringgeneral and… STOP TRYING TO CHOP WALTER! Starr does manage to fight back, catching a big boot and some clubbering lariats, but after ducking some, another one of those bloody chops catches him. Not to worry, Starr keeps going, nailing a discus lariat, only to get thrown outside by the scruff of his neck… but he ends up taking WALTER with him too after crotching him on the top rope and clotheslining him to the floor.

A dive attempt’s caught, as Starr’s instantly charged into the post before he’s dumped on the apron and then the guard rail, as yet another chop took Starr into the crowd. Yep, WALTER wants a count-out, but Starr uncouples the railings and makes full use of that 20-count to keep the match going. Much to WALTER’s displeasure. Starr keeps fighting back, but those damn chops man… WALTER changes tactic, but his charge misses as Starr nails a snap German suplex before a plancha to the outside… but back in we’re straight back with chops. A lariat took WALTER off his feet as a Shining Wizard almost broke the streak, as does a Yoshi Tonic in counter to a giant powerbomb attempt. WALTER’s plan A is put back into effect as more chops keep Starr worn down, but he fights back again with a brief Violence Party before simply clubbing WALTER down into the corner.

Just like that, a shotgun dropkick damn near kills Starr, but he’s still got enough in him to fight back, even if it meant absorbing more chops. A shotgun-like lariat puts Starr down for a near-fall, and then it’s back to the rear naked choke as WALTER tried to drain the remaining life out of the Product… but somehow Starr gets out a bridging German suplex for a near-fall. Enraged, it’s more chops and chokes from WALTER, who rains down with forearms to the chest before another choke forced the ref to do the arm drop gimmick… and that’s the win for WALTER! Very much like their outing in Bielefeld, Starr had hope, but was utterly blown away. The cynic in me said that this was always going to be a chapter in the feud, rather than the end point. Still, it was bloody good! ****¼

We’re back to the quick turnarounds on this feud – as the pair would face each other THREE TIMES in the space of a week – and no, it wouldn’t be at 16 Carat Gold, as WALTER was engaged in a title match there. Instead, we’re off to Leeds next as the match spilled into Defiant for two of the aforementioned three matches. It’s gonna get busy…