We mentioned in our review of WCPW Loaded (episode 21), that there was one match missing from that show… well, here it is – and some other “bonus” material they’ve released!

Lou King Sharp & Kid Fite vs. Liam Slater & Johnny Moss
Taken from the January 29 taping in Edinburgh, this was the “last match left” from the show… Sharp and Fite are already in the ring here, but at least they get a pre-match promo courtesy of Lou King.

Sharp rips on the fans for believing their YouTube promo where they were “classy” and educated… he then heels on the Edinburgh crowd by declaring that they’re from Glasgow, which then leads to Fite getting boos at the mere mention of “Glasgow”. Cheap heat, but this probably wouldn’t play well to anyone outside of, ooh, Edinburgh. Their opponents in their debut were the tag team champions, whose entrance video was comprised of heavily-filtered footage them beating on Trent Seven and Tyler Bate. Hmm…

Of course, this was a non-title match, and it started with Sharp jumping into the front row to hide from the champions. That didn’t impress Fite, who ended up starting the match, before he instantly tagged out. Yeah, this is Larry Z levels of stalling!

Sharp tries to hide behind the referee, before Moss just biels him across the ring and into the corner for some chops. A huge back body drop forces Sharp to scurry into the corner as he tags in Fite, which somehow leads to an exchange on commentary that will probably get Matt Striker some heat as Alex Shane mentioned Hadrian’s Wall. You can guess where that headed.

Fite gets bumped from a shoulder tackle, then a suplex, before a fast elbow drop gets Moss just a one-count as Sharp backs away from a tag out. Moss tags in Slater, who goes back and forth with wristlocks, eventually rolling free of Fite’s wristlock… before he’s punched and uppercut’d into the corner. Sharp returns to try a test of strength on Slater, who feigns being overpowered before he grabs a Jim Breaks special and turns it into a Northern Lights suplex for a near-fall.

Fite slaps Slater from behind as he circled the ring, and that’s the cue for Sharp to make a brief comeback. The sweatshirt that Fite wore was taken off as he used it to choke away on Slater following a fake tag, and it’s Slater’s turn to get worn down as the Glaswegians maintained their offence. Slater gets thrown into Sharp’s boot on the top rope, but the impact knocks Sharp to the floor, before Slater makes the tag out.

Moss slingshots into a shoulder tackle as Fite gets knocked down… Sharp gets the same treatment, as his leaping crossbody is caught and turned into a fallaway slam. Fite’s chops are ineffective, so he gets dumped with a belly to belly as Sharp eats a massive press slam. A DDT takes down Moss after he spent too much time looking Sharp… who was the legal man, which meant that Fite’s DDT didn’t count.

Sharp accidentally spears Fite, which had no effect anyway, so Fite powerbombed Sharp into Moss in the corner for a near-fall. Slater tags back in and he dispatches the Scotsmen with a double missile dropkick, before Fite’s dropped with a back suplex. A pop-up from Slater puts Sharp into a powerbomb position on Moss… and he’s held there so Slater can knock him down with a crossbody, which is enough for the win. A decisive, almost-glorified-squash as the tag team champions roll on… and I’ve a feeling the Fite/Sharp tandem will be one and done here. For the time being. **

For some reason on that one, they didn’t edit out Matt Striker’s call that blatantly exposed that “hey, this was meant to have been part of Loaded”…

Prospect (Alex Gracie & Lucas Archer) vs. El Ligero & Ivelisse
The only “new” match from February 6’s Loaded – which was otherwise mostly a clip show from their prior iPPVs – looks to have been culled from the January tapings in Newcastle, since that was the only stint that Ivelisse was on the roster.

At a guess, this was only ever meant to be a dark match, since we don’t get the “regular” commentators… instead, it’s Kenny McIntosh and Ross Tweddell on commentary, which seems to be code for “nobody else was available that day”. Ross tells us that Alex Gracie is supposedly infatuated with Ivelisse, and he wants to be her life partner… o-kay?!

The bell rings, and Gracie’s acting like a teenage boy, acting coy around Ivelisse… who just rolls him up and gets a two-count out of a schoolboy. Lucas Archer tags in, but he gets taken down with an armdrag off the ropes, before Ligero comes in and helps Ivelisse into a headscissor takedown. A standing moonsault gets Ligero a near-fall, but he’s kicked in the back by Gracie as he teased a dive.

Another tag out brings Ivelisse in as Gracie, after waving, shoves his partner away so he can catch Ivelisse’s top rope crossbody. If you’re going to have a comedy intergender match, at least throw in little nuggets like this for your commentators to completely miss. The less subtle spot, of Gracie looking to kiss Ivelisse, ends up as a set-up for a clothesline from behind, but she ducks and Lucas Archer just decks Gracie.

With Archer out of the ring, Ivelisse chops away at Archer, then kicks him repeatedly whilst he’s trapped in the ropes. Archer throws her head into the turnbuckle, sending her to the floor… but Alex Gracie picks her up and throws her back in so Archer can get a near-fall from a backbreaker. The story of Gracie doing nothing because he’s infatuated continues, and he gets booed as he tagged himself in as Archer was in the middle of doing the worm.

Ivelisse drops Archer with an enziguiri before tagging Ligero back into the match. A slingshot Ace crusher from Ligero takes down Gracie, before a regular Ace crusher sends Archer to the outside, before Ivelisse tags back in to do a dive from the top. Ligero catches Gracie with a pop-up forearm, as a release German suplex gets a near-fall with Archer breaking the cover.

Archer drops Ligero with another back suplex as he finishes off his worm… but Ligero sits up to easily avoid it. A pumphandle facebuster follows as Ligeros’ dropped with an Unprettier from Gracie, who drops to a knee after he went to punch Ivelisse. He proposes, and gets slapped in response as Ivelisse’s roundhouse kick gets the win. So, I guess that empties’ Prospect’s bank account for their trip to Orlando?

A pretty good comedy tag match, but firmly in the realm of “filler for the sake of it”. **¾

And that’s the WCPW locker cleared, it seems. Next up for them is Sunday’s iPPV – which’ll have a YouTube special match airing before it. We’ll be covering that at some point, depending on how things work out this weekend: just stay tuned to our Twitter!