Punk Pro’s Secret Show returns with yet another title match, as we look again to the Florida empty arena indie scene.

You can watch this week’s episode on the Punk Pro YouTube channel.

Quick Results
Kaiju Heroes (Blanco Loco & Karkinos) pinned The G1fted (Wheezy T & Logan Cruz) in 7:00 (**½)
Aaron Nova pinned Ellie in 5:00 (**)
Troy Hollywood defended the Punk Pro Brass Ring Championship against Cyrus Satin in 8:00 (**¾)

Once again, it’s back to the Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey for these no-fan shows, with Zac Romero and Christian Override on commentary.

Kaiju Heroes (Blanco Loco & Karkinos) vs. The G1fted (Wheezy T & Logan Cruz)
We get going with Karkinos and Cruz trading shoulder tackles and hiptosses as Karkinos seems to be a little inspired by Gran Naniwa.

A punt kick and an elbow drop on Cruz gets a two-count early on before Blanco Loco tagged in and hit a double sledge to Cruz’s arm. Cruz gets back in with a wristlock, but Loco kips up and chops back before hitting a springboard lucha armdrag to get back ahead. Loco trips Cruz into the corner for a 619 on the ground, before turning around to trip Wheezy T off the apron.

Cruz capitalises with the distraction as the G1fted dropped Loco on the apron, and the double-teams start there. Wheezy’s in with a right hand to Loco, then an uppercut and some right hands as he keeps Loco in the corner. A jawbreaker keeps Loco staggered, as Cruz returns to help sandwich Blanco with forearms for a two-count.

They keep double-teaming Loco in the ropes, as Karkinos tried to make the save… but he serves to only distract the ref. A step-up elbow catches Loco in the corner for a near-fall, before a chinlock gave Blanco something to fight out of. It descends into a chop battle before Cruz got caught with a torpedo headbutt. Loco manages to tag out to Karkinos, who was a house afire, dumping Wheezy with a massive boot for a near-fall. Karkinos went for a Fisherman suplex, but a distraction from Cruz allowed Wheezy to help sandwich him with more forearms, as Loco needed to break up the pin. Not sure why that stacked-up pin was allowed…

In the end, the G1fted get whipped into each other as the Kaiju Heroes bust in with some combinations to Wheezy. An Iconoclasm from Loco, then a double-stomp assisted version of Angel Garza’s Wing Clipper gets the win. This was fine – although the “babyface comeback” fell a little flat here without anyone in the faux-crowd reacting. **½

Insert random advert from the 90s for Duracell…

Ellie vs. Aaron Nova
We last saw Ellie in episode one in that fun “get your shit in” match that almost got a little too silly for its own good. Nova’s another mainstay of the Florida scene, mostly having worked for ACW…

Nova needs some help getting his ring jacket off after the bell. I think quite a few of us in lockdown might be able to relate to that when things get back to normal… Nova says he won’t wrestle a woman, so he wants “Eleanor” to lay down so he can “get back on time.” Oh yeah, commentary tells us Nova thinks he’s a spaceman from Jupiter. Or something. Of course, she refuses, and throws Nova across the ring by the finger. He claims a hair pull, as we’re right in the holiday camps, before Nova ran into a clothesline. I think Captain Nova may be on the Captain New Japan level here. Wash, rinse, and repeat – this time with a shoulder tackle, before Ellie ducks a leg lariat and just decks him instead.

Ellie corners Nova with a forearm as she hiptossed him out. A clothesline keeps Nova in another corner, but Aaron switches around and begins to throw some right hands that had no effect. Shoulder tackles and clotheslines keep Nova down, as he rolls outside and spreadeagles himself on the floor. He gets back up, and ends up being slung into the ring the hard way, before he poked Ellie in the eyes. That worked, as did a bodyslam as Nova brought down the straps. Ellie’s back to her feet, but her chokeslam’s blocked… Nova runs into it a second time, and this time it lands as he rolls into the corner to grab his gimmick. Apparently it’s a rewind?

They rewind back to the first chokeslam attempt, and we get an alternate angle as the referee is distracted by something… he misses a low blow and turns back around as Nova hits a roll-up that just about gets the three-count. I mean, not knowing the character going in, this felt a little off, with Nova offering little apart from the ability to, err, change the past? **

That segues into a video package/advert for “Captain Aaron Nova”. This perhaps would have been better placed before the match? More wacky adverts, this time from Dominos…

Punk Pro Brass Ring Championship: Troy Hollywood (c) vs. Cyrus Satin
We’ve got another championship main event – and it’s involving some names that you don’t need to be super close to the Florida scene to have heard of, with Hollywood having appeared briefly for MLW back in the day, while Satin (which is pronounced “Sah-teen” and not the fabric) has appeared for EVOLVE in the past.

Anyway, we get going with Hollywood kicking away Satin’s offer of a handshake, before he had a U-turn and offered one of his own. The opening lock-up sees the pair roll around the ropes before the ref forced a break. Satin’s back with a waistlock takedown, but he can’t capitalise as Hollywood broke free and came back in with another side headlock.

Hollywood’s shoved off, but comes back with a shoulder tackle as switcheroos led to a double clothesline and a pair of kip-ups. A kick to the gut from Hollywood has Satin on the back foot, but Cyrus charges back and catches Troy in the corner with a splash, but a whip into the corner gets reversed as Hollywood unceremoniously counters a floatover by dropping Satin across the top rope and to the outside.

Hollywood follows Satin on the outside, staying on top of him with chops, before they returned to the ring where kicks and stomps took Satin into the corner. Mudhole stomping from Hollywood keep him there, but Satin’s back out with a desperation jawbreaker before they went back-and-forth with right hands. Forearms from Satin have Hollywood wobbly, as a shotgun dropkick took him into the corner… Satin gets thrown outside, but returns quickly with a slingshot splash for a near-fall.

Satin keeps going with a knee strike, but a Michinoku driver is escaped as Hollywood returned with a dropkick instead. Hollywood heads up top but misses a stomp, tweaking his knee in the process, but he’s able to use a big boot to block Satin’s charge. Hobbling out of the corner, Hollywood’s quickly on the defensive as the referee calls for help, but tellingly doesn’t stop the match.

Of course it’s a ruse! Hollywood punches Satin in the midsection as he came towards the ropes to check on him, before leaping into the ring with a sunset flip for the win. Thoroughly decent, but I’m not a fan of fake injury finishes. **¾

Hollywood celebrates with his belt afterwards… and looking online after this, it appears that Satin no longer uses that name… and I guess the graphics and commentary couldn’t really be updated to reflect his new name of Mark Ross…

That’s it for another episode of the Secret Show – three matches, without any of the video game silliness we had last week. Three matches, in under half an hour – if you’re looking for new faces and something different, you can do a whole lot worse than this show. And kudos to everyone involved for literally hitting their match times to the exact minute, give or take a second or two (which makes working out those quick result times a hell of a lot easier!)