We’ve got another freebie match from Low Blows – and it’s a PWU Women’s title defence as Valkyrie faced off against Killer Kelly.

First up… barely a month from the show to the VOD is pretty good going, especially for a company the size of Pro Wrestling Ulster. This was put up free on YouTube as a way to nudge you towards the Low Blows VOD service – at lowblowsvod.pivotshare.com; just in case all the watermarks didn’t hint at that! We’re coming to you from the Furnace in Belfast. An ironically named venue because there’s some fans in the front row with a blanket over their legs! (although to be fair it is an outdoor venue…)

Pro Wrestling Ulster Women’s Championship: Killer Kelly vs. Valkyrie (c)
The semi main event from this the Celtic Cup show was a title defence of Valkyrie’s PWU Women’s title – with former wXw Women’s champion Killer Kelly making her first trip to Northern Ireland to have the first crack at the title… and her second at Valkyrie, with the pair having faced off in Berlin for the GWF this past May.

Rick Nash on commentary tells us that Valkyrie won it at “Wrestival” (which a Google search tells me was earlier in the month, since the website on the PWU Twitter page doesn’t seem to exist!)

When the bell finally goes, the pair swing and miss with some kicks before a lock-up ended in the ropes. Valkyrie tries to rough up Kelly in the corner, which perhaps wasn’t the smartest thing as Kelly responds with a waistlock takedown… leading to a spell on the mat as the pair exchanged holds before Valkyrie scrambled for the rope. An attempt to work the ankle backfires for the champion as Kelly escaped and grabbed a headlock, before taking it right back down… only for Valkyrie to roll back and attempt a pin.

Some headscissors looked to have Kelly in trouble, especially when she’s forced to bridge up before we got an escape. Valkyrie takes it back to the mat as a chinlock has Kelly on the defensive… before she looked to mock her foe… which nearly backfired big time. It’s back to the side headlock, but after landing a shoulder tackle, Valkyrie decides to mock again… and has her block knocked off. Whoops.

From there, Kelly mounts some offence, knocking down Valkyrie with a pump kick for a near-fall, before the champion rolled to the outside as she tries to hide behind a fan. Kelly gives chase, as Valkyrie uses another fan as a human shield before she ended up throwing Kelly into the ring post. For some reason the referee doesn’t start counting, and we end up outside again… as Valkyrie ends up getting thrown into the front row.

An attempt at the Ronaldo PK’s stopped as Valkyrie sweeps the leg, dumping Kelly onto the apron, before she was choked by her own pigtails. That’s inventive. They’re back in the ring as Kelly’s met with a forearm, before Valkyrie’s spinning heel kick – the Killshot – is caught… and met with some ground and pound as Kelly saw the proverbial red mist. The referee separates them, but Kelly’s right back on Valkyrie… only to have a suplex reversed. Valkyrie heads up top… but leaps into a kick to the midsection as Kelly looked to pull ahead. Valkyrie escapes a German suplex and pulls Kelly into… the Axel Dieter Special?! Kelly leans back to try and pin her while in the hold, but Valkyrie really sinks it in, before letting go of the hold so she could throw a kick and pull off a wacky lucha roll-up. Kelly’s out at two and returns the favour, before she catches another Killshot and counters with some vicious cravat knees!

Some rolling suplexes follow, with Kelly getting a two-count as Valkyrie grabs the ropes, then returns fire with a leaping enziguiri for a near-fall. Valkyrie again heads up top, and again gets caught as Kelly joins her in a bid for a spider German suplex… but Valkyrie elbows free… only to get caught in a Dragon sleeper on the top rope! That’s quickly released before Kelly pulls her into a Tree of Woe, leaving her helpless for the Shibata-ish dropkick that almost ended the match.

Sensing trouble, Valkyrie puts the referee between her and Kelly, feigning an injury as she’s able to sneak in a Killshot… but Kelly kicks out at two! The challenger’s right back in with a Romero special Dragon sleeper, but Valkyrie fights free, only to be caught in it again! Yet again, Valkyrie makes it to the ropes, as she rolls to the outside for respite… making the most of every bit of that ten count, before she opted to take the title and run as the match ended via count-out. I’m guessing this is establishing a cowardly heel like run of Valkyrie “losing the match but keeping the title”, but watching this in a vacuum, the finish really didn’t come off good. Especially when they initially announced Valkyrie as the winner despite being counted out! ***

Finish aside, these two have progressed a lot in the four months since they met in the GWF – and it’d be well worth keeping an eye on Valkyrie, as I’ve a feeling she may one of the many to break out beyond Ireland in 2019.

The rest of this show is available on the Low Blows VOD network at https://lowblowsvod.pivotshare.com – along with other shows from Pro Wrestling Ulster, Phoenix Wrestling, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling and others.