We’re making a random pick from IWTV’s library and a stop by ACTION Wrestling’s latest instalment of Friday Night Fights.

Alex Kane is a name I stumbled across earlier this year – quite literally – when the episode of ROH TV I was watching flipped over onto a random episode of TV from a promotion called Victory Championship Wrestling. Looking up to see this guy I’d never seen before throwing guys around the ring with ease… it was quite an eye opener.

Kane’s started to appear for promotions that appear more frequently on streaming services – and is starting to appear on people’s radars, having come out of AR Fox’s WWA4 training school. So… up against Dominic Garrini, Kane has quite a test on his hands. Lets see how it went.

Dominic Garrini vs. Alex Kane
This was Kane’s second match on the tapings, having beaten Erron Wade earlier in the night in under five minutes.

We open with a handshake, as Kane trips Garrini early on… and had to dive for the ropes as Garrini looked to counter with a knee bar. A waistlock takedown keeps Garrini down, but again he escaped and looked to take Kane’s back… until they rolled into the ropes. Third time’s the charm as Kane goes for another takedown, and then cradled Garrini for a two-count… but Garrini theme olled him to the mat as he looked for a key lock, only for Kane to escape and apply one of his own, which was also broken as they continued to grapple on the mat.

Kane works over Garrini’s leg, but Garrini slips out and applies a calf slicer that’s broken with a roll-up as Kane kept trying to nick a win. Another takedown’s stuffed as Garrini traps Kane in a guillotine – but again, it’s by the ropes as Kane lives on. Garrini reapplies the guillotine in the middle of the ring, but Kane breaks it with a release Northern Lights-ish suplex, then threw in an Exploder for the hell of it. Garrini’s tossed with another Exploder, then another, with those four suplexes almost getting him the win. Things then descend into a battle of elbows, which looked to be a mistake given Garrini’s experience. He switches it up with kicks, but one of them’s caught and turned into a capture suplex for a near-fall. Another suplex is slipped out of, with Garrini locking in a rear naked choke… but Kane gets to the ropes.

The grip’s broken as Garrini throws Kane with a German suplex, but Kane pops right back up and hits one of his own! Garrini returns the favour as they went back and forth on the German suplexes, with Kane getting a near-fall, before Garrini kicked out and trapped Kane in a Fujiwara armbar. A roll-up breaks the hold and gets Kane a two-count, before a big boot dropped the pair of them in the middle of the ring. The pair go back to trading strikes, with Kane’s elbows unsettling Garrini… but Garrini throws back and lit up Kane with a flurry of strikes. A diving forearm kas Kane down to a knee, before a Falcon arrow did the deal for a two-count… with Garrini rolling back through from the kick-out into an ankle lock, only for Kane to roll his way free.

Kane’s release Northern Lights suplex bought him some time, as did an X-Plex, but Garrini kicks out and pulls him into a rear naked choke, rolling Kane away from the ropes… but Kane stands up and makes it to the ropes. Garrini breaks the grip and reapplies the hold, scissoring Kane’s body too as the referee ends up waving it off. This was a fun sprint, with Kane able to show off a few of the suplexes in his arsenal – but in the end it was Garrini’s experience that was the difference. Keep an eye on that name going into 2021 and beyond…

Result: Dominic Garrini defeated Alex Kane via referee stoppage at 9:38 (***¼)