Let’s end the week with a mat classic. Makabe vs. Thatcher 3. The last in their series of matches… for like a month. D’oh!

Like most of 3-2-1’s shows, this one’s back at the Showbox in Seattle – an intimate venue that looks like you’re right on top of the action. I’d kinda compare it to a shrunken down version of those PROGRESS venues where they have fans sitting on the stage…

Daniel Makabe vs. Timothy Thatcher
Gee, I can’t think why we’ve picked this match. Totally at random.

This was the culmination of a trilogy of matches that’d happened at the prior two Wet Hot Seattle Summer shows, with Makabe winning in 2017, and Thatcher equalising last year. Makabe’s poking the bear with a RINGKAMPF scarf, since Thatcher’s on what could be charitably described as shaky footing with that group in Germany. Ah, I’m gonna miss the Lonely Boatsman.

It’s a Chelsea kinda day for Makabe, as our referee’s switched into traditional attire. For the entirety of the show beforehand, the referees were dressed as lifeguards, to fit into the gimmick. 3-2-1 BATTLE! Makabe charges at Thatcher at the bell, but Tim’s wise to it as he proceeded to grapple Makabe to the mat, as Thatcher was looking to slap him silly early on. Some big forearms switched it up, but Makabe quickly grabs the arm to stop Thatcher in his tracks… but that just left his own arm exposed as Makabe ended up on the mat again as Thatcher tied up the legs and stretched Makabe in a bow-and-arrow hold.

Makabe rolls free, but he’s still caught by Thatcher, before rolling out of a sleeperhold as both men were seemingly even to each other… leading to a stand-off… and a feck off big boot from Thatcher. Yeah, to quote the commentator, he’s not fucking around. A PK to the back and some knees to the ribs have Makabe on the deck, as Thatcher maintained control with a tight side headlock. Makabe manages to get free, which just earned him an uppercut from a pissed off Thatcher, who keeps up the offence with a slam and an elbow drop for a near-fall. Not having seen the first two matches, something tells me Thatcher doesn’t want this to go long…

Thatcher uses some kicks to roll Makabe into a half crab, but there’s a quick rope break as Makabe manages to build up some offence… only to get caught with a rebound belly-to-belly off the ropes for a near-fall. With Makabe still on the mat, Thatcher goes back to the arm, as he pulled Makabe up to his feet… but an attempted enziguri’s swatted away as Makabe hit back with a side suplex. Now it’s Makabe’s turn to wear down Thatcher, using a chinlock and some bodyscissors to help turn the tables, almost turning it into a chicken wing a la Bob Backlund… but Thatcher goes to the leg to try and force an escape. Makabe picks him up for a double underhook, but instead he switches into an enziguiri that’s caught, with Thatcher going in for an ankle lock. Kicks got Makabe free, but he just eats an enziguiri before a double underhook suplex picked up a near-fall as Thatcher was right back on top.

Another enziguiri from Makabe stunned Thatcher, as a follow-up German suplex ended that period of offence, and nearly the match as Thatcher barely kicked out. A strait-jacket German suplex is teased, but Makabe instead drags Thatcher down with a chinlock, switching it into a mounted version that Thatcher just fell back on to break up. Makabe’s straight back on it though, looking to pin the two arms in search of Cattle Mutilation… but instead he floats over with a Makabe Lock – the seated Cattle Mutilation – as Thatcher luckily got his hand to the rope for a break.

That seemed to light a fire under Thatcher, who came back in with a big slap before a sleeperhold was slipped out of as Makabe threw some right hands to put Thatcher down. He’s got plenty left in him to kick out, grabbing an arm as a Fujiwara armbar followed, before a heel hook and STF attempt kept Makabe in trouble as the pair knew each other so well, they were able to counter moves before they happened. Makabe again tries to weaken Thatcher for the Makabe Lock, stomping on the legs and headbutting the back, eventually flipping Thatcher forward into an unnatural pretzel as the Makabe Lock forces the submission. You don’t need to have seen the trilogy – just have a love of mat-based wrestling that looks competitive. If you’ve not heard of Daniel Makabe, then by the end of 2019 I’ve a feeling his name will be a LOT wider known… ****¼

After the match, Makabe offers Thatcher the RINGKAMPF scarf as a peace offering… but he just gets clubbered with a forearm. Makabe slapped back, and Thatcher just applauds. That’s one hell of a weird partnership…

Following that, Makabe put over Thatcher as his “maestro” and the person whom he wouldn’t have a career for. I wonder… is there any chance we’d have Thatcher and Makabe as part of a group in wXw if RINGKAMPF is seemingly hitting the skids?

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