The fall-out from the GWF Battlefield show took centre stage on the latest episode of Three Count, as Orlando Silver fought on after the loss of his mother.

We opened up with footage from Battlefield, which was Chris Colen playing footage from Orlando’s dead mother, urging him to go for the title. It’s a bit strange, but it led to Silver wrestling anyway, complete with a WrestleMania-like entrance… which is odd given he had to be talked into wrestling on the day. I guess they were just there out of chance!

In the end, Orlando Silver scored the upset and won the title from Pascal Spalter. Footage from the Battlefield match follows, which was won by Icarus… and from there we’re backstage as Gefreiter Weber has his card for Rambo… who’s more worried about him just being late. Rambo X’s out the entire card, and demands that he gets a new one, asking that Weber hang around with the roster to get some more insight.

From there, we’re in the car park at Huxley’s Neues Welt, where Chris Colen accuses the Turkish group (Grup Anarsi) of originally attacking Silver. They shrug it off, and we go to Ahmed Chaer eating a pizza with Crazy Sexy Mike. The strain of it all is getting to Ahmed, as he’s annoyed that nobody’s even offering to help… Mike reckons he’s already doing a lot, but he just doesn’t brag about it… but that seems to help Ahmed as the pair tuck in to their food.

Vincenzo and Martin are training… and we get a mini montage, with Martin doing ten push-ups in the time it takes Vincenzo to do one. Basically Guerrero’s schooling Vincenzo in everything, including what looked like a game of Twister, before Vincenzo called it quits. O-kay…

We’re backstage at Huxley’s Neues Welt, where Icarus walks into Rambo’s office… he wants Dover tonight, and Weber grants him his wish. Except Rambo makes it no-disqualification. There’s more gambling, as there’s more odds of 2-1 as Erkan and Ali bully a guy in a Pascal Spalter tee. One more segment, as we’re at ringside, with Ronaldo Shaqiri bemoaning to Crazy Sexy Mike at his lack of chances. Shaqiri’s fed up of waiting, and we go to the titles…

No Disqualification: Dover vs. Icarus
Billed as a “special revenge match”, we get a video package for Dover’s series debut. He wants all of GWF’s titles. Even the Loserweight?

Icarus made a beeline for Dover at the bell as the former Arrows of Hungary went at it right from the start. A flying ‘rana takes down Dover, ahead of a standing moonsault, but Dover returns fire with a slingshot back suplex of sorts. Dover goes under the ring for some chairs, which of course get used on Icarus’ back as Dover imposed himself on the match. After the chairshots, Dover keeps putting the boots to Icarus, before setting up two chairs back-to-back… but the backbreaker onto the chair fails, as Icarus instead comes back with a roundhouse out of the corner before Dover ran away from an aerial attack. On the floor, Icarus followed outside with chops, only to get dropped onto the ramp with a sidewalk slam as Dover tried to take over once more.

After getting taken into the post, Icarus is put in the front row as Dover tries to kick him out of the chair, before biting him. A running boot misses as Icarus nails a shotgun dropkick that seemed to hurt him more than Dover as Icarus crashed into a chair on his way down. Finally back inside, Icarus levelled Dover with some head kicks and a ripcord rolling elbow for a near-fall, but Dover’s right back up with a nasty backbreaker onto the top of those two chairs!

The chairs collapsed under Icarus’ back, as a bicycle kick to a kneeling Icarus put him down… for a one-count?! There’s a fight back from Icarus as he laughs off chops, before getting punched out, as a lariat gets Dover another near-fall, before he goes for the Hungarian Wanderer (Air Raid Crash), which again gets a two-count. That angers Dover so much he bullied the referee, before going for more chairs… Icarus blocks the shot and uses it on his former partner with a RVD-like dropkick, before a senton bomb off the top earned the win. Well, they had some intensity, but there was too much of this match that felt like a snail’s pace, especially considering this was a big rivalry. In the end though, Dover perhaps took too long and was made to pay for his desire to beat down Icarus, as he ended up leaving with the L. **½

We’re backstage after that as Cash Money Erkan and Ali Aslan are in Rambo’s office. After being told that the GWF’s October show is all rematches, Erkan wants a rematch for the tag titles… with the Cash Money Mafia being made up of he and Ali. Rambo says that he has to go through the match maker, and they wander off.

Pascal Spalter and Orlando Silver are backstage next, with Pascal threatening to beat up Orlando. He reckons Silver’s only the champion because nobody takes him seriously – including himself. Pascal reckons Orlando will lose in a rematch, but in walks Ali Aslan and we have a staredown as Three Count comes to a close.

As a “comedown” from Battlefield, this felt very lacking. Save for the segment at the end, this could have been any other show… which was a missed opportunity to keep weaving together Three Count with the GWF’s regular storylines. After a strong first pair of episodes, I feel like Three Count’s wavered a little – particularly since the pay-off to the big Orlando Silver story fell flat unless you’re watching the rest of the GWF product.