Wheeler YUTA is up next as the Dojo Pro tournament continues!

Last episode we saw Gunner Miller knock-out Kevin Ku to force a change of ownership in the White Belt championship. We’re still with Matt Lott, as he recaps what we saw in episode two, before we get the intro package and sit-down promo with Wheeler YUTA, who was entranced by wrestling via video games. YUTA’s been to Japan and Canada, and they show us some photos of his time over in Japan… while Gunner Miller brags about “stealing Kevin Ku’s soul”. Miller claims he can knock out anyone whenever he wants… something YUTA claims is an embarrassment. That led to an argument during the interview as Miller walked in after YUTA called him cowardly…

Gunner Miller vs. Wheeler YUTA
The pair have a brief shoving match before the bell, and we start with some tie-ups as Miller eventually took YUTA into the corner. YUTA replied by throwing some elbows, only to get thrown into the ropes… but he’s back with a lucha-style armdrag as he was sticking and moving to get by Miller. Indian deathlocks keep Miller on the mat as YUTA looked to switch up the game into submissions, this time wrenching away on a wristlock… but Miller’s right by the ropes, so he easily breaks the hold.

Miller reverses an Irish whip, but YUTA flips out and tries to leap off the top rope… only to get caught with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that nearly ends the match. From there, Miller takes YUTA into the ropes for some choking, then into the corner as YUTA found himself on the back foot. Some right hands helped, but YUTA’s sent high with a back body drop. A powerslam off the ropes keeps YUTA on them, but YUTA’s able to use his speed to get back into the match, taking Miller outside with a dropkick… before following up with a flip plancha! He goes airborne again with a crossbody off the top for a near-fall, before Miller hit back with a spinebuster for a two-count of his own. YUTA leaps over a spear and hauls Miller into a Blue Thunder bomb to almost secure the win, as he heads up top once more… only to get plucked out of the air with a spear as Miller finished him off with a Jackhammer.

Except Miller doesn’t go for the cover… instead he looked for the KO, which nearly costs him as YUTA rolled him up for a near-fall, before hitting a superkick and a flying elbow for the win! The underdog knocks off the bully in a decent match… but it’s about now I’d like to see someone keep hold of the title for a few matches rather than the hot potato’ing we’ve had so far. ***

Next up: YUTA defends against Corey Hollis, but first Rob Johnston interviews YUTA, who said he exploited Miller’s arrogance to get the win. YUTA reckons he’s got a shot of going all the way, but there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge first!

This was better, but the length of these episodes aren’t exactly conducive to “snowflake-grabbing” wrestling matches. They are, however, establishing stories, with today’s being the bully that got his comeuppance… although so far we’ve had three champions from three episodes, so now it might be time to establish someone as having dominance as the constant hot potatoing of the White belt could well encourage fans to just pick and choose from the series, rather than watch the whole thing.