Introducing BackBodyDrop EXTRA – our new short-form podcast.

On EXTRA, we’ll be delivering “regularly irregular audio” – we’re not committing to daily, weekly, fortnightly or anything like that. We’ll be dropping bite-sized audio to talk about shows we’d not normally cover here, highlighting stuff to cherry pick, along with news and even post-show live thoughts.

We’re aiming to have episodes go no longer than 10 minutes, so it’s not going to be another hours-long podcast that you’ll need to wrestle to make time for.

  • To add us to your preferred Podcast app, such as Pocket Casts, Overcast or Downcast, use our new feed: (if you had our old Podbean feed, this should automatically update)
  • We’re now available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts
  • You can also stream is on Spotify!
  • …and TuneIn Radio
  • and Stitcher
  • …and if you have access to Google Podcasts, we should be there too!