If you’ve been a fan of wrestling since the 1980s, chances are you’ll not be able to read the title of this website without hearing Vince McMahon’s bombastic overtones.

Back Body Drop isn’t a wrestling news site. There’s already plenty of websites out there that either have sources, or cut and paste from those who do. Or perhaps just purposely make up stories and wrongly attribute it to give it a sense of credibility. Rumours come, and rumours go – and whilst fantasy booking is one thing, reporting a story that ends up having little basis in reality is the quickest way to gain ridicule and lose credibility.

We’ll not be posting regular TV show reviews. While we will be reviewing the bigger shows, we won’t be a source for weekly reviews of Raw, SmackDown and the rest of wrestling’s regular output. Instead, Back Body Drop will be home to commentaries from current events in the wrestling world, reviews of special events and whatever takes my fancy, whether it’s fantasy booking, weird, random matches, video games, documentaries… or anything out there.

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Ian Hamilton

May 1992 was the first time that I ever saw a wrestling match, with an episode of WWF Superstars being the scene for a bout between Bret Hart and Skull von Krush. Since then, I’ve spent the next two decades plus watching a variety of companies. WWE/WWF, WCW, ECW, New Japan, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Ring of Honor, TNA, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and even the old World of Sport stuff to name just a few groups.

I’ve gone on to write two books on wrestling: “Wrestling’s Sinking Ship” and “Gone Too Soon”. For further information, click on the “Books” link in the menu above, or just search for those on Amazon!

Having written about wrestling and football, my writing has appeared in newspapers like The Observer (UK), Aftenposten (Norway), Sunderland Echo (UK), while I’ve also produced articles for the likes of Teletext (UK), A Love Supreme (UK), Happy Days (UK) Online. Previously my work has also appeared online, with football/soccer reporting for the now-defunct 1Sunderland website, his along with the likes of wrestling sites such as Slam! Wrestling (Canada), Wrestling Observer (USA), Figure Four Weekly Online (USA), Wrasslin.com and Wrestling-Online.com