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#BACKFILL – PROGRESS: Chapter 20 – Thunderbastard – Beyond Thunderbastard (July 26, 2015)

It can be daunting to start following a new promotion, especially a group like PROGRESS. With almost thirty events under their belt (plus their ENDVR shows), the group thankfully advises on some entry points… and since we’ve already covered the first Thunderbastard match, we may as well dive in on a recommended point: starting

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Game Time: Tecmo World Wrestling

If you’re a fan of video games as well as wrestling, it is fair to say that the genre hasn’t always been well represented. In the early days of home consoles, wrestling games often featured sparse rosters and at worst were unplayable. The first wrestling game I owned was on the Nintendo Entertainment System

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Remembering Chyna

The passing of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer has caused an outpouring of grief amongst wrestling fans – and those inside the business – who fondly remember her in-ring career and the massive strides she took in women being “more than just valets”, more than 15 years before the WWE’s “Diva Revolution”.

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